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I did not even had to request changes, everything was good first time.

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Winning design #10 by diegomey, Banner Design for Rotating banner (total of 4) Contest
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designed by diegomey

Project description

Banner #4 this one has a touch of humour. the image (oldcamera.jpg) is rather old, can you still do something with it? I would just add the caption "Yes, there is a better way to do it!" Banner #3 I want to use a stock image of onboard video racing. If you do not have any, I have uploaded 2 that you can work with (onboard1 and onboard2). The text to go with the onboard image is "Got your hands full? Try a hands-free video camera!" and also add smaller text "We carry all the top brands:" and underneath We will add the 5 logos of the 5 brands we sell. Banner #2 Like all the other banners in this contest, it will be on rotation on the same page again, so you can match it using the same link, and I have attached image en2.jpg to show you what contents to put on the banner. if you can't find a good stock image for scuba diving let me know and i'll see if i can find something on my end. Hi, we have a new theme for our magento store, and would like to have a custom home page banner on rotation, so we need 4 banners designed total. Each banner is 760x300 pixels. We already made some banners, but they are not up to our satisfaction, so looking for the professional touch. I have attached the first banner, basically we need a similar design but re-sized to the new dimensions of 760x300 and with more impact. We need the design to match the design of the new store which you can view here: www*at*onboard*dot*tv/new thank you!

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  • Please include in Brief dimensions of banner, logo and current site
  • done! I have attached an image of the banner and the logo. I will pick the winner based on the design of that first banner. Thanks!
  • Good morning, #4 design with changes: I removed the red footer with numerical values and change that 3d effect on the right red label.
  • Hello CH, ok I will change the 3d effect at the right label ribbon and the bottom red line with other idea.
  • Hi Lostrise, I like your #2 design, blends very nicely with the store colors. The 3D effect in the top right corner of the banner is nice, but do you think it will look good with the following banners which may not have this 3D? Also i'm not sure we can use the red footer, because I think the store automatically creates some kind of numerical values over each banner, so they would both override each other?
  • Good evening, here is #2 and #3 banners with different pictures. I also added some important text. If you need any corrections, just let me know. Have a nice day! Vilma
  • your design is too close to another designers idea/concept
  • DOF
    Hello CH, I have submitted my design, #7 I look forward to your opinion and suggestions. Have a great day! Radu
  • Excellent. Is anyone else planning to submit a design? I will need those banners soon, and lostrise seems up to the challenge, but I don't want to bug off anyone else who might have started on it already.
  • Good day CH, design #5 with changes on your last comments. Also design #6 - I change the red right label title to "Why shop with us". Regards, Vilma
  • hi, getting better, can you replace the text "28 days..." with "30-Day Moneyback Guarantee" and also replace "price promise..." with "Lowest Price Policy" Thanks!
  • I have rated several so far, but for some reason some of them have reset to zero?
  • Great! Let me know of any updates for either designs #10 or #11 and I'll work in the next hours and upload any final changes. Thanks again.
  • nice but i prefer the A style
  • one thing diegomey which is a real nice detail, is the 1-2-3-4 buttons matching colors, a very nice touch.
  • ok i will start rating. diegomey I must admit that I didn't like your first design, but the last few ones you sent in are great! My favorite is "A", I think I'm a sucker for bold fonts, it just gets the message right in your face, well done.
  • #10 Uploaded! with 4 different styles! Please provide feedback! Thanks!
  • Hello Speeco - I'll be uploading more designs real soon. Usually here on We get individual rating on each design so that we know if we need improvements, and we keep uploading new designs for your rating not until the end. This way, we know how we stand and what sort of design fits your company. Thanks! Diego
  • DOF
    Hello, considering that the concept came from a design that was given to us by the CH, i did not copy another concept, i only took the elements in the given example (the blue wave, the delivery guy and the message) and tried to improve the design. I believe it was an obvious start for this contest and definitely not a final design. I believe it is obvious that i put a decent amount of effort in this design and i am upset that it was considered an infraction..
  • hi, stock image is ok. As for ratings, is it ok to rate what I have received so far or is it standard practice to wait until the end to do that? I have only posted one contest here previously and it was many years ago...