Rotating banners for home page of our web site (5)

Honestly this contest was not as positive as my previous contests. The designs were somewhat lackluster and amateurish. Perhaps it had something to do with the prize, BUT I have paid the same $ in previous contests for the same amount of work and received outstanding designs. I'm not sure what happened with this one.

$275 paid

59 custom designs

12pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #62 by Posspoint, Banner Design for Rotating banners for home page of our web site (5) Contest
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designed by Posspoint

Project description

We're a web design and internet marketing company in need of 5 graphic banners created for our new site. These banners will rotate every few seconds on our homepage and the intention is to give visitors to our website reasons they should choose us for their next project. The industry we target for our services is law firms. As such, these banners must be designed with professionalism in mind. Creativity is fine (and expected) however please keep the target audience in mind when creating your designs. We want them to be eye catching and bold, but not gaudy and overdone, or in poor taste. Each banner will have a text component which will be overlaid onto the banner graphic using text and css. The overlay will be a dark gray transparent box (thus allowing some of the underlying image of the banner to show through) with white text. Again, the text should NOT part of your graphic design, although if you would like to place the box and text in your design entry simply to make it easier for us to see how it will look, that would be OK. Please see below for the url of our new site so you can get an idea for what this box will look like. Below you will find what each banner will say, so as to give you an idea for what graphic should be placed on each. Designs can include photos and/or vector graphics (and are encouraged); stock images will be purchased at the end of the contest. Obviously, the graphic and/or photos used on each banner should match that particular banners' message. We require a layered PSD for each banner image, so we may modify parts as necessary in the future. To get an idea for what the new site will look like (it is far from complete but the color and layout is finished) please go to Banner Image Size = 910 x 265

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  • I'm not sure what this is supposed to be...The text that is to appear on the website is not to be part of the banner designs (as explained in the brief). Each banner needs to be a design that reflects what the text of that banner is saying. For example, the second banner speaks of internet marketing and "being noticed". So the graphic design of the slide might include graphics related to social media and the audience it brings.
  • I prefer to keep the text box separate from the PSD, for SEO purposes and for the ease of being able to change the text without having to modify the PSD. I think as a designer, however, you should be aware that a text box is going to be in that location when determining your design. For example, it would be a bad idea to use a photo of a person and place the person's head in the same location where the text box will be, even though the text box will be partially transparent.
  • Hi there, Looking at your website, I noticed that the text boxes seem to be controlled via your CMS. Is this something you're going to keep, or would you prefer to have the text included in the PSD, thus removing the CMS text box?
  • About #9, Dear rhkittredge, let me know what do you think about the first two design drafts. I used vector icon files from Shutterstock. More design is coming. Thanks, Hongxia
  • I'd almost prefer the image/photo/illustration to go somewhat beneath the grey box since it is transparent, I think it adds visual interest. I placed a dummy banner on the site so you could get an idea for how dark and how transparent that grey box is.
  • Hi CH number #5 is my entry. It uses stock photo and i made a shape that's different in colour for the different titles. I can ad some vector shapes to that coloured background if you wish, i am not sure how much transparency has the text gray area. Waiting for feedback. Regards
  • See my comment for #3 which applies to yours as well.
  • The images are decent, except the "Face to Face" one which is a bit corny looking. I do think, however, there needs to be some illustration as part of each banner in addition to the images. Because anyone can go on Shutterstock and pick images and place them on a banner. Need something more creative than just that. Thanks
  • About #3 and #4 the box with the text is only for presentation. Need feedback on my designs.
  • please take a look on my entry #20 its clean, simple and light any comment will be great for improvement tnx and best regard
  • thanks for the comment and i would like to know if anything you didnt like in my design just tell me to improve it. thanks again
  • Not sure about the image for "clean designs/professional sites" but the others are decent. Thanks
  • Now we're getting there..This is much closer to the type of designs I am looking for. I like the golf ball image for guaranteed results, very interesting...
  • Updated the design drafts, let me know if they work for you, thanks!
  • Designers: When I mentioned the use of illustrations, I'm speaking of things such as subtle background designs that is blended in with a photo, or line illustrations to enhance the look of the banner. The illustrations I am seeing as part of these entries look more like illustrations for icons and not for an entire banner. To get an idea for the type of look/feel I am going for, please look at which is our old website. You will see 4 or 5 banner images. These banners were created by me years ago, and I'm not a designer...In a designers hands these could have turned out much better I think. But the idea is for you to check out the type of look and feel I'm going for. Example: One of the banners on the old site talks about "clean, professional designs" and the image that goes along with it is a photograph of an actual famous structure that really portrays the ideas of "clean", "professional", "simple yet complex". That is the feel I was going for on that banner. We need to do similar for the new website and its new banners!
  • Don't care for the illustrations on this one either, sorry.
  • The images don't do much for me, sorry...
  • I don't care for the illustrations, I don't think they look appropriate for a large banner.
  • About #10, Dear Rhkittredge, Sorry, it took me a little longer to finish all the design drafts. I bought those icons from shutterstock before. Do you know if you need buy them again? Let me know if you need to change anything. Thanks, Hongxia
  • A note to designers...Or maybe a suggestion. With the images/photos that you pick, I think it is important to not use cliche' or images that are too obvious. For example, if a banner is talking about being "face to face" doesn't mean you necessarily need to use an image showing people face to face. Instead, how about an image that reflects the FEELING that a potential customer will get by the personalized service we offer. In other words the images/illustrations you choose should reflect the FEELING behind the text on the banner, not necessarily the LITERAL meaning of the text on the banner. I hope that makes sense...