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I am wanting a banner designed for the side of a building. The banner is triangular shaped and measures 8m wide by 2.72m high. The company is an estate agents and we are wanting the banner to advertise the business. I want the banner to make our logo prominent. Also has to include our phone, web address and I want a sentence saying "please contact us for a free no obligation valuation". Please go to to get an idea of our banding and details about the company. I also want to advertise the fact that we do "Sales, Letting & Property Management".

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  • Hello there Steven, Wanted to join your contest. Could you please provide your .eps or illustrator file of your logo to preseve the High resolution of the final output of design. Thanks
  • In terms of shape of banner Pavian has got it correct. Also Pavian is the best so far, is there anyway we can get across the fact we are an estate agents? Also i want free valuations to be prominent.
  • I have uploaded a map which i feel could be incorporated into the design?
  • We would like the Free Valuation section to be more prominent on the design
  • A couple of suggestions to improve this design: Could the headset be a telephone, and the cityscape a row of houses
  • Hello Steven, Just submitted an update of my design Lend me know if it fits your expectations. Thanks :)
  • Hi Ch, i just submitted my designs #19 #20 . Feedback would be very appreciated and i hope you like it :) Thank you :)
  • You can also just use "Call now for a free Valuation"
  • Please rate designs or eliminate if it requires. This could help designers know their current standings or what improvement should we take. Thank You.
  • This is quite good. I prefer this to the other similar one. I want the phone and house symbols changing but not bad
    • Hi, Steven. Thank you for your feedback and rating. Check please my updated entry #38. Please feel free to let me know if anything needs to be changed. Thanks Best regards, Anastasiia

  • Favourite so far but please change the house to make it the same as entry #35
  • I like the emphasis on Free valuation and generally looks quite good.
  • I like the idea. However the for sale boards do not look like ours and the triangle is not the right shape.
  • Not bad the telephone number doesn't require brackets
  • Too busy and i don't like the four squares
  • Incorrect Shape
  • Nice looking but free valuation information needs to be more prominent
  • Incorrect Shape
  • more emphasis on free valaution
    • Hi steven2, Thanks for giving me guidelines and comments. Here's my last design since the contest will close soon. :) Wishing all designers good luck! lkpryand0000m

  • I'm not that keen on the black bit but like the rest of the design