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Winning design #2 by senadneslan_juventus, Banner Design for Sky Arms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

I need a logo that is as if you were looking down the barrel of a firearm that is pointed directly at you as it is fired. There should be an optic front sight and some flame in the rifling coming around the bullet as it is just starting to come out of the barrel. If there is room, it would be great if the bullet has our name Sky Arms on it. The banner height is 24" and the length can be what ever is needed to complete the banner. We need to be able to trademark the logo for the banner. Our website is

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  • Is this background transparent? #63
  • Can you do this one with a transparent background? #23
  • Can you get the tail of the flame to gradually fade out like you did on #23? #56
  • Am I correct by seeing this on a t-shirt that the background is transparent, therefore it can go on any color background? #75
  • The lettering is too hard to see. #76
  • Can you show me this on a white background please. #64
  • Can you show me this on a white background please. #63
  • Doesn't really stand out. Try some different colors for the lettering. #60
    • @dave_v If you really like this one I will do it but you need to give me some more time because I can't do it until I get home.

  • My last one. #66
  • if you need anything else please reply I'm done with the entries have a nice day
  • Try different colors for the lettering, one that really stands out. This really doesn't grab ones attention. #59
    • About #59, @dave_v what color of the lettering u want ?

  • Correct size and has vector #62
  • Too much of an angle, I can't really read the lettering. #61
  • Could you change the coloring of the lettering so it stands out with greater contrast
    • About #42, @dave_v Hi Mr Dave can you check my revision at #53

    • @dave_v Can you check my last designs and give me suggestions thank you

  • Correct size, And I have vector #60
  • This is a vector design (file sources) let me know your feedback #59
  • The bullet is too grainy and the lettering does not stand out. #57
    • @dave_v Yeah I saw that when I made it. That's a scrap then.

  • Text more visible #58
  • Could you lighten up the lettering a bit. #55
  • This one has more popped, correct size and I have vector #57