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Winning design #22 by ofgrfx, Banner Design for Contest
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designed by ofgrfx

Project description

I have just uploaded one of the PDF's I use and some possible files to include. I want to include flower art, etching art, ribbon packet?, framed?   Thank you

Hello, I want to improve upon the banner I am using on websites. I don't want a total remake. I can supply you with the PSD I use and some files for you to put on the banner and arrange. I want to copy the layout I have unless you have a better idea.

You can see the banner I am using at,

The main problem I am trying to solve is people do not know what those little pieces of art are next to the name. I want to clear up this confusion. Part of the problem is some items have unclear watermarks on them. I WANT THE ITEMS AND ART TO BE SYMBOLIC OF THE ART AND PRODUCTS MY WIFE PRODUCES. Symbolic, where it imparts the feeling that my wife produces a strong line of art and products. also that my wife is highly detailed and everything is very high quality.. (For your information she is a master artist and etcher, doing this over 50 years. ) Yet, within that, people need to clearly see what the items are. I tried to do this on my one. The products were clear but they lost the symbolic feeling of having them together...I AM HAPPY WITH THE EXISTING LAYOUT OF THE PRODUCTS, but just want to make it easier for the viewer to know what the images are. I am also open to a different presentation.  

I will supply a number of pieces for you to arrange... BUT AS I SAID AT THE BEGINNING, I AM HAPPY WITH THE BASIC DESIGN  I HAVE, I just need to clear up the banner background and want to address showing what my wife does so it has both a symbolic value and a practical one where people know what the items are. 

Thank you,

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  • Tell me if you need anything else.
    after picking a winner you will have 7 days where you cna make changees to the product whenever you want.
    Thanks #22
    • About #22, @ofgrfx
      So you will be the winner. I am going to ask you to substitute a few pieces of art. I really appreciate your efrort. We will keep oin touch.

  • About #10, @kfeiring I made 2 more designs but when I went to submit I couldn't anymore and I spent a lot of time on them, any way I could get them to you?
  • thank you kfeiring , they toook alot of work
    About #13, @kfeiring yes sure the white part at the far right is already on a separate layer when it can be changed easily , i'm going to chnage it for you and upload the image , if there is something more please tell le , i'm here to help.
  • Hi , here is the banner with the changes that you have requested

    * i put the 2 etching art works so you can pick which one you like better
    *there is no text layer ( the txt is merged with the background and the artwork images ) in your original PSD , so i found a very similar font and used it.
    * i organised the PSD so you can easily move the artworks and turn on/off which ones you wan to be displayed.
    if there is anything you want to change please tell me, thanks and have a nice day. #13
    • About #13, @ofgrfx
      One last thing, Simple. Please also give me one background layer with the color where it is solid all the way to the right end. I'd like both backgrounds. Will you send me whatever you've done. Make it easier for me to deal with it. Then you are the winner. I appreciate your effort. You

  • or maybe this center design caught your attention..thanks #15
  • Hi @kfeiring..i made this banner simple and clear for your web visitors..thanks.. #14
  • Trying with different composition, and make them bigger.
    Any feedback would be great.
    Thank you, Erkou #12
  • Hello Keith, this is my the banner re design I came up with. I went with a more clean/ realistic look by adding realistic shadowing and a light source to blend the art in more. Along with that I went for more of an eye popping appeal, so I chose some of your wifes best work/ the ones I thought would catch attention once seen, which will make people want to look more into your wifes work. Hope you enjoy me design, have a wonderful day. #10
    • About #10, @grahamcreated
      We like your design but it overpowers the website content. Great imagination. Will keep you in mind.
      Thanks , Keith

    • @kfeiring Thank you, I'd love to re-do this, may I ask you to elaborate on what you don't like, so I can fix it and come up with more ideas for you to choose from and so it fits you and your wifes site to your liking. Sincerely, Graham

  • Here you go , i put a gift in the banner #8
    • About #8, @ofgrfx
      Might go with what you've done. We Like the primary layout with the blue flower.Can you make following alterations.
      *Use my original " Type with the initial caps for "The Studio of"
      *keep signature Stephanie Scott with my drop shadow. Use my banner color.
      *Use my color for the studio of.
      *Change words to say A LOVE FOR DETAIL.
      *Remove rose image on the left and re position.
      *Show entire etching and remove fade. *Make etching a little smaller.
      ****Important: Make sure every graphic is on a separate layer so I can move around and change if I want.

    • About #8, @kfeiring Sure , i'm on it , the graphics are already on different layer , i'm going to make the other changes

  • Hello kfeiring, I'm happy to participate in this competition. I realized also design for stamps. I know how to do drawing with thorough details. I hope you like my design. If you want some changes, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards! #11
  • here is my revision. give some size variation on the items. The gift pack is not overpowering anymore. thank you. #9
  • About #5, @kfeiring of ocurse , i was playing around with words on the banner to show the different possibilities.
  • Hi Keith, let me show you my submission. try to give the background more vibrant color, centering the banner with the whole website. i suggest to not put a lot of work there, because it's a small banner. let me know what your opinion, thank you. regards ananta. #6
    • About #6, @anantasteyr
      I like the clean idea, but maybe you can give some size variation. The gift pack image is overpowering. Thank you

  • Hi all, see my submission thanks #3
    • @xotrex I like your approach. I need to review with my wife. Ill get back to you. Thanks

    • About #3, @kfeiring
      Can I ask you to the original presentation of the studio of and the gold signature, a script for a love for detail remove Painting and etching and see if you can put up an item that represents another item or put a love for detail in the middle. Hope that is not too much. Thanks

  • Hey @kfeiring , i have designed 2 banners for you , the first one a simple and minimal one with a green background , as the one you had on your initial banner
    The second one has one of the etching art on the background.
    If you want to change something ( add more art works to the banner , or make the art work on the background of the 2nd design more transparent etc.. ) tell me.
  • Hi @kfeiring here my entry, any feedback would be great.
    Thx Erkou #4
    • @erkou I appreciate you design. I need to review with my wife. Tahn k you.

    • @erkou I like your arrangement, separating and grouping and use of horizontal and vertical. Probably want to reduce the number of items. Also want to make sure it is clear what the images are to a visitor. I'll think about it . Thanks.

  • Hello, how are you? Can you provide the PSD file, please? Thank you.
    • @Ansil I put the PSD and some files up. Thanks

  • @kfeiring,
    Do not try to present some ones life's work in a few pixels in a banner.
    Just go for a general style or feeling about her work.
    You have plenty of other pages showing her stuff.
    The grouping of tiny images does not give the nuance you are after.
    I think that maybe a single striking botanical etching may work to give a feeling of her style.
    Just my humble opinion.
    Thanks and good luck
    • @Herbert Nordal Thank you for you insight. I agree, but my wife likes all the "stuff."

  • Hello you mentioned in your brief, i just cleared the banner background and put your wife work as detail as possible..but in my opinion, if you want the visitor know what the website is about by looking at the banner, you should make the banner larger and we can make it clear..thanks #2
    • @evergreencove Thank you. I will consider a larger banner size. I try to not use up all the real estate. I will review with my wife and get back to you. Thanks

  • Hi, dear @kfeiring!
    Check please my entry #1.
    I made it like a real scene with desk in the front and the wall in the background.

    I used here only three images of your wife works, but I guess if we use more of them they will be tiny and kind of invisible.

    My other idea is to focus on single image. What could it be in that case?
    Thank you

    Kind regards
    • @Anastasiia I will get back to you. Need to review with my wife. thanks