The Fuji Declaration - Global Event Web Banner

We needed an original design quickly and did not have time for a lengthy proposal selection and hiring process. At first, most of the designs submitted were low quality. Perhaps this was due us opting for the middle tier prize option rather than the highest tier. Another factor was likely due to the fact that we posted the contest on a Friday and needed delivery on Monday. Fortunately however there was one designer who submitted a beautiful high quality design concept that was excellent. After a few revision rounds of tweaking, we got exactly what we needed.

$375 paid

56 custom designs

14pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #55 by ursachio, Banner Design for The Fuji Declaration - Global Event Web Banner Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ursachio

Project description

We need a beautiful and modern banner background for an event registration page, approximately 1200 px wide by 900 px high.
Please refer to this wireframe for a prototype of what we need:

The background we need is in section 1, just below the main header. (Ignore the rest of the page).


  • We don't need the text, because it will be created separately with HTML / CSS. However, you can include the text for illustrative purposes. If so, please match the text, typography, and the fonts. Here is the special font:

  • Please, match the layout and proportions of the wireframe exactly. The image must contain Mount Fuji in the center and "rays of light" that emanates from behind the mountain as shown in the wireframe. The elements of the landscape along the bottom are less important, and can be re-interpreted.

  • Here is an example of "rays of light" we like to We like the color gradient, transparency, and the subtle circle of elements.

  • The design should evoke feelings of international cooperation, celebration, zen-like beauty, the soul and spirit, harmony and hope for the world.

Thank you for your consideration!

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  • Thanks for your cooperation. It was very interesting to work with you. Any recommendation is welcome. However now I have to go to sleep. :-) . Very Best Regards! #55
  • I've done the extended variant. Thanks for support! #53
  • Hello Ursa Minor, I realized the new update of design. Any recommendation is welcome. Regards! #52
  • Thank you. The trees along the bottom look a little unnatural. The overall color palette is not quite harmonious. #50
  • I made the soft transition and ray of sunshine. Best Regards! #49
  • This is nice, but the color and direction of the light seems unnatural. Also the shape of the mountain does not have the characteristic shape on the base. Thank you! #45
  • Hello Ursa, this is a new design i'm working on. Please comment and let me know what you think. i'm also working on a different color scheme. #45
  • I think it's better. A little cleaner. #43

  • This idea of site is very interesting . I liked it from the beginning. I made the requested changes. Now the menu has enough space. I put the cherry twig below, in order not to confuse with the logo. Regards! #42
  • I really like these silhouette birds. very nice and subtle effect. #33
  • Very good observations indeed. I thank you for support! #41
  • Helllo Ursa Minor ,I made a version for site header with size 1200x200px.
    So I extended landscape to have a panoramic view of Mount Fuji. The landscape is authenticity of Mt. Fuji. Best Regards! #40
    • I'm sorry I didn't explain correctly. Can you please make it 1200 x 900. We want to use the top part of the image for our logo an menus - see
      About #40, @ursachio

    • Please make the flowers and branches transparent like you did in #21. See my other comments. Thank you!

      About #40, @ursachio

  • An interesting and creative concept. Unfortunately it is too abstract for our needs. we need a recognizable mt. Fuji. Thanks. #37
  • These style of branches and flowers would be okay lower along the right side, but not at the top. Can you try one with these transparent like in #21? #33
  • I think these trees look nice along the bottom #33
  • Can you make the light rays just slightly brighter (not too much)? #21
  • I like this subtle translucent style for the flowers at the top so the logo will appear in front #19
  • Hello again, This is my original landscape with text above.
    I made a version of the banner is longer than your requirement. Banner size is 1200x690px. This is for comparison. Regards! #35
    • @ursachio - Thank you! Can you please make it taller, maybe 1200 x 900? The reason is we are thinking of removing the background from the main header nav to extend this image all the way to the top. We also want it to extend behind the content panel below about 100-200px.

  • I added some details. And I removed the trees at the base. To be clear elements. #36
  • This is my original landscape without text above. #34