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Winning design #33 by dansheva, Banner Design for Touchstone Insurance Inc. - Banner Ad Contest
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designed by dansheva

Project description

I need a banner ad that incorporates our logo (see to be used for online advertising. We market to young families living in traditional suburban neighbourhoods.

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  • Too pale, needs a pop of colour.
  • Fix blurry edges, plus it adds some volume and shine. Any other changes let me know.
  • Sorry, only english. The corners of the black outline seem blurred / too thick.
  • Hi there. Want to make the curve less steep upper element? Many thanks
  • Is it possible to smooth out the rounded corners of black outline for the text in the top & center?
  • I have to chew on this for a bit but I like that it's different!
  • The viewer would have to really search to see what product is being advertised. It should be obvious to the viewer in the blink of an eye.
  • Thanks. I'll work on the icons and develop it a bit, I was wondering if it could get a rating for some kind of indication of how my concept stacks up against the others at the moment?
  • Kind of tough to see what the icons are but I like the departure from the norm.
  • Hi CH, I've uploaded my design in two versions. The style is meant to look modern and elegant, with a simple appearance cut down to just the necessary elements. I think it is eye catching and effective. It also has a trustworthy sort of feel, like the business it is advertising care about the customers and go the extra mile. Thanks, Hamish
  • Is it me or is there a space in the phone number between the 57 & 58? If there is, please correct.
  • Would you be able to raise the "Touchstone Insurance Inc." on the right side so there wasn't too much empty space above it (see entries 17 & 18 as example.
  • Better!
  • Dear Contest Holder, please check the updated version #38
  • Not a fan of the colours.
  • I don't care for the shadowing used. It makes the banner harder to read in the blink of an eye.
  • Maybe decrease the size of the auto & home icons (right side) and include the motorcycle icon?
  • your entry number 5 is way too close to entry number 2. please check the entries before submitting your own to make sure they are different ideas/concepts
  • I would like to see the Touchstone card coloured in please. Also please fill it out a bit to occupy the whole left corner as done in most of the other examples.
  • Please remove the "satisfaction guaranteed" text on the right side. Please incorporate our phone number in that space.