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I had a very good experience. I required some additional assistance from the DesignContest staff and they were extremely helpful with getting me out of a large deadline jam. Thank you again Sherie.

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Winning design #23 by rajagee, Banner Design for Tradeshow Booth Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

I am needing a graphic design for the backdrop of our new tradeshow booth. I am thinking I will purchase a knitted polyester fabric banner (full color) that is approximately 8 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall. I would like to use our current logo but need help with the rest. I am thinking a clean look that is not overwhelmingly busy. I also want to depict that we are efficient, cost conscious, and are not wasteful; not necessarily with words. If possible I would also like to portray that message that we utilize innovative technology and are becoming a pacesetter in the industry.

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  • Hello, I think there is some confusion as to what you will be needing for this backdrop. Is it just a graphical background, or should it include content (text/info, photos, etc.) as well? If you're able to provide some context to what you're looking for, it will help generate some potential designs. Thanks
  • Dear CH, please upload your logo & content of Trade show Booth design thanks
  • Dear CH, Please add logo & what actual content you want Regards
  • Hello and good evening! (or good morning in the US haha! :D ) I have the same questions as the fellow designers. Current logo and theme/content would be indispensable! Thank you very much!! :)
  • wording will need to be towards the top since I will have a table that blocks part of the bottom. font not my favorite. not into the stripes either
  • im thinking it will be too busy for the backdrop
  • sorry for delays, been out of town. I have uploaded the logo. I am thinking of a graphic backdrop, not too much going. I want it to get to the point so that when people walk by they will quickly gather my top strengths. My strengths are efficiency, cost reduction, waste reduction; all with exceptional service. If this can be done with nothing but graphics and a logo that is great. if it requires words, that is just fine, as long as it is minimal. I would like to center around the logo colors that we have. please let me know if I can help with the description any more. Again sorry for being away for the week.
  • Dear CH, this is my first submission #3, please moderate. looking forward for your comments, thank you very much!
  • Dear CH, please check 3d Trade show Booth design background sky blue & green i hope you like my design appreciated feedback thanks
  • I like the color, but cannot use it for the background
    • I gave it another shot, let me know what you think

  • not a huge fan of the dots. also looking for something different for the graphics
  • i like this the best so far. wouldn't mind seeing a couple more ideas. i wonder if a graphic in addition to what i am looking at here would look nice or be too busy?
  • Hi CH, How did you like my design. Let me know if you want me to make any changes or you want some other color background instead of white. I can work towards it.
  • Dear CH, thank you for liking my design. I submitted #20 as revision from #5 . looking forward for your comment, thank you very much.
  • this is my favorite thus far. i like the contrast in color and the clean design. i like that it draws attention but does not overwhelm. Can you please change the wording to cost management instead of cost reduction. i think that will be better. thank you!
    • Dear CH, thank for appreciation of my work i upload my new design after change the cost management again appreciated feedback thanks