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Winning design #187 by Nasrul, Banner Design for Trinity Gate Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

This will be an outdoor sign 8' x 8' for a real estate development.

The Trinity Gate logo needs to be the biggest font and TXC Group LLC is the second biggest font. Coming soon third biggest and Inquire fourth.

The information for the sign is attached.

The lines on the lot plan need to be bolder and Black

Each of the 3 types of lots should be filled in with a different color, light enough color to read the black words and lot numbers.

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  • Update version where background of homes, town, shopping and office make all same color. #229
  • Please review my designs. Thank you #225
  • Sorry, resubmiting, forgot lot colors to change #218
  • Hello! John22
    After reading your brief this is the banner I have come up for you. I hope you like it.
    If any revision I will fix as soon as possible. I'm ready for your feedback.
    Thanks for a cool contest john22 #216
  • Made color adjustments as you asked, did little more warm colors #215
  • Made color adjustments as you asked #214
  • Add some design below cc txcgrgl96 #204
  • Add some design below the cc txcgrgl96 #203
  • Text make white color #202
  • Update version where background of home, shopping and office changed like arrow. Provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #201
  • Hi..please check out the revision..thanks #199 #198 #197 #196 #200
  • Update version where change the overall font style and proposed make italic for make more readable and clean. #191
  • Change the coming soon and inquire green color and TXC logo color change also. So, please provide your feedback and rating. Thank you. #190
  • Change just TXC logo color , Try different greens for coming soon and inquire, Thanks #159
  • I like this green the most of the samples you sent, #187
  • Try a different color for the townhouse site, I dont like the pink, the font could be larger for new homes and townhomes and bold, the inquire button is good another green, Looks Great #187
  • Please check out another green color #188 #187 #186..thanks #189
  • Try some more different greens not too dark, I like this design #178
  • And the blue theme revision....thanks #185
  • Hi...please review the revision..thanks #178 #179