Wallace Sacks

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Winning design #14 by babar786, Banner Design for Wallace Sacks Contest
Gold Medal

designed by babar786

Project description

3 animated banners required to promote our Outdoor Living (garden furniture) range with 60% off to browsers of telegraph.co.uk

Leaderboard: 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high

MPU: 300px wide x 250px high

Skyscraper: 120px x 600px

file format .gif  (animated)

Should include:
A visual overview of  the product range using some of our garden product images.
Our logo
The offer:  60% Of Luxury Rattan Garden Furniture
USPs:  5 Year Guarantee, Free Delivery, Price Promise
Call to Action:  SHOP NOW >

I imagine this information to play out over about 4 frames.
No swooshes or spinning graphics or anything too wacky.

Check website for general style reference and product images

Category url for reference: 

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  • I've done a test to see what this might look like animated and it doesn't really work with the background changing so much and the main hook - 60% Off - isn't really jumping out. #8
    • @simon3 Hi! Here are some new different versions: All information on one image: #15, #18, #21. 60% off more prominent on each frame: #16, #19, #22. The version with the same background image for each frame: #17, #20, #23. Thank you for attention and best regards

  • sir i have uploaded design as your require changes hopefully you will like my this final corrected entry thanks
    kind regards
    babar786 #14
  • About #11, @simon3 thank you so much for liking my design and giving me feedback sir i will make changes and send to you very soon thanks again
    kind regards
  • I'd like to see a version with all this text centre aligned please and boxes of equal size . It looks a bit untidy at the moment #11
  • These USPs are getting a bit lost. 1st I think the boxes should all be same size, 2nd perhaps font larger. 3rd How about putting them between the images. 5 year guarantee under first image, free delivery under second image, Price promise under third image. That might work. #11
  • I'd like to see "Luxury Rattan Garden Furniture" a little more prominent #11
  • THis one is good as it is now. no further changes needed #11
  • hi contest holder thanks for the value able comments i have uploaded design as your require changes hopefully you will like my fresh entry thanks again
    kind regards
    babar786 #11
  • Hello, @simon3! Check please updated versions #8, #9, #10. All logos are black on the white background and the text is more prominent. Any further feedback from you would be great!
    Best regards
  • @simon3, thank you for comments. I'll provide updeated work as soon as possible. Best regards
  • Would be nicer if these images matched in size and the text boxes below. #2
  • Don't need "USPs" written here #2
  • Don't need "Call To Action" written here #2
  • Don't need "The Offer" written here #2
  • But you have correctly used the colours etc from our site so I think you could develop this to work better. #5
  • Too cluttered. Text and Logo are difficult to read. #3
  • Too cluttered. Text and Logo are difficult to read. #4
  • Too cluttered. Text and Logo are difficult to read. #5
  • You've taken my instruction very literally and included "The Offer", "USPs" and "Call to action" in your designs. They should not be included.
    I did also request an animated banner - this appears to be static. #2
  • Hi, dear @simon3! Please take a look at my entries #3, #4, #5. Every banner includes 4 frames for gif animation. Please feel free to let me know what do you think about it! Thank you for attention and best regards