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Winning design #82 by rown, Banner Design for Website homepage rotating banners (5) Contest
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designed by rown

Project description

We are in need of having 5 simple yet professional banners designed for the home page of our new website. These will simply be jpg images that will rotate every 4 seconds. They need to be 960px wide by 350px high. The site is a law firm website, and as such these banners need to be very professional looking; not too gaudy. They need to convey that this particular law firm (which deals with divorce) cares about their clients and empathizes with them. Obviously each slide needs to have a similar look and feel to the others. There needs to be text on each image as follows: Slide 1: "When your relationship ends, you can feel overwhelmed." Slide 2: "Where do you begin putting the pieces together?" Slide 3: "How do you ensure you and your loved ones are protected?" Slide 4: "For over 42 years, Robert Relph has helped families through divorce." Slide 5: "Contact us, and begin to put your life back on track." I am enclosing a zip file containing some sample images for each of the slides. These images will show the look and feel we are going for, and we'd prefer you pick one of them for each slide. The images were found on istockphoto. You can see the temporary site at in order to see the color scheme of the site and logo. Note that there are sample images currently displaying in the rotating banner. We request a layered psd of each image so that we can change the text and/or images in the future if necessary.

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  • Dear CH, Please find the revised design #13 as you requested. I also changed the faded background color to give more contrast when rotated to next image. Waiting for your feedback. Regards,
  • The overall design is not bad, the problem is that the colors that are used will not fit the color scheme of the website very well. Needs to be a bit more "bright".
  • It's a nice design; one thing I would do is to change the position of the text and picture for each slide. I.e. on the first slide the text is on the left; on the second slide move the text to the right and the picture on the left; third slide is the same as the first, etc.
  • Dear CH, Please find my submission #11 . Would appreciate your feedback. Regards,
  • Hello, I have just submitted a first draft design (entry #10). Your feedback would be much appreciated. Regards, Emma
  • Also, I realize the banner size is rather large and using only one photo and some text might look a bit empty. So feel free to use custom illustrations, or use a second photo, or some nice graphics to even it out. Just don't make it TOO heavy or cluttered; remember this is a law firm website and as such these banners need to be professional looking, fit the look of the rest of the site, and can quickly convey the message we are going for.
  • To the entries: The photos included in the zip file are "sample" photos from istockphoto. You may use your own photos as long as the main idea of the photo is kept. Or, use a sample I provided. I figured on using one or two photos per slide. But you will notice in the zip file there are multiple photos given per slide; I did this so you (the designer) could pick the best one and use it. I figured that once a winning design is picked, I will purchase a high-res version of the photos used and the designer could then incorporate them into the final psd's. I did not want to purchase them beforehand because I was not sure which ones would actually be used. So, feel free to zoom the sample photos for your entries, even though they won't look very good. Thanks
  • This is much closer to what we are looking for than the other entries. However, I think these are a little too simplistic. It's simply a photo faded into some text. We do like the various orientation of the text (one slide has text on left, other has text on right etc). We need something more polished that will really catch people's eyes.
  • Sorry to have them all post in different entries- hope they work! They are also saved to make any changes, so if you want a different color font, font, different pictures, anything, lemme know! Hope they work! ~Madyson Shaye
  • I am definitely trying this! One thing though, those pictures are rather small and you're wanting this to be big. So it comes down to having either a couple (3-4)pictures per 1 slide, having it stretched, or having white space/clear space. Don't really think there is another option for this.
  • Hello there CH, Seeing this contest really got my attention and find it very interesting to join. However, we're going to design 5 slides can we make this contest blind? If only possible :) Thanks CH ill be submitting my entries soon. and just to ask are are the slides really zooming in? Thanks
  • I was thinking of one (maximum 2) pictures per slide. I included examples of several pictures per slide to choose from with various color hues and orientations (thinking that the designer would pick the best one based on their design).
  • Hello Ch, Take a look at #42, #43, #44. I just put some little effects on the images.I retouch images to not disturb the visual. I hope you like #42, now, with this slight "glow". I will wait your feedback. Thanks you for help.
  • Hello CH and thank you for all the feedbacks lately. Really appreciate because it really makes me understand this project very much. So there we go CH I have adjusted the colors that i have applied in each slide. I also realized on what you commented that we need to show empathy with each slide. Let me know which color or slide have a color that doesn't catch your attention as much as the others I would be pretty much happy to make revisions on the entry. Got my new entry posted its #40. Just updated the image on 5th slide. id be glad to hear some feedbacks. :) Thanks and great regars, PAVIAN
  • Hi rhkittredge~ Thanks for the rating and feedback on #16 I uploaded revised banners per your suggestions: #35 #36 #37 I toned down/muted and changed some of the colors and revised the text. Much thanks, PaintedPony
  • Hello Ch, Thanks for your great appreciacions . I will work on revised designs based on your feedback. I hope to understund very well.
  • Plz send me ur feedback for #34 Hope you like my design ..
  • Thanks for your feedback. I will work on some revised designs based on your comments.
  • Decent design, but I think the images look too busy especially with the roses, stuffed bunny etc. The font, and the font outline, are a bit too blocky and don't give a calming effect to people visiting the site.
  • The use of both photos on this slide is a great idea; because it shows both a woman and a man; it doesn't shut anyone out.