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Project description

I am a lawyer selling elder law services. I want a billboard that grabs attention like my divorce billboard with the image. The “oops” angle is not important to repeat, but shows my taste as an attorney. BOLD and EYECATCHING is what are after.

Elder Law is about qualifying people for Medicaid when they enter a nursing or assisted living facial by reclassifying and preserving their assets from being taken the house or state. I say this there is some frame of reference and not points to. 

Out typical client is a person entering or is in a nursing facility needing care. 

I do not want my personal image used at all.

Idea - “

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  • Mr. Carpenter, I can't wait for you to see my idea. It is almost complete and will be successfully uploaded within 24 hours. Thank you for the opportunity!
  • Imo
    Another design idea ( Bold & Strong) that stands out from the rest of the Billboards. #6
  • Imo
    Hi Sir, I have used two colors Dark Blue & White which is classic, clean ,simple strong & unique. If any change necessary I will be Glad to Listen. #5