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Billboard - Eugene, Oregon - Interstate 5 9/21/2016  ECBlend Flavors, Medford, OR - Design specs Billboard specs Live Face area 14ft x 48ft (the billboard size)  (design 14" x48") Bleed area 15ft x 48ft (design 15" x 48") Text Safe area 13ft x 47ft (design 13" x 47") SCALE 1 inch = 1 foot OUTPUT CMYK - 300 dpi  (at 1"=1' scale) Design program In Design (Preferred) INSTRUCTIONS 1 Include ECBlend (supplied) LOGO in DESIGN Version 1 Standard EPS or Version 2 EPS with Aura 2 Red Abstract background a) Deep Rich Smoky Red (Sample design included) - NOTE: Create a similar background (the one attached is too low res) b) May be lightened if needed for design c) Gradient smoky red 3 Text Colors a) Contrasting to red background, easy to read from distances - make the text POP 4 Text keywords a) ECBLEND.COM (Required) b) VAPING — EXPERIENCE THE DELICIOUS DIFFERENCE of over 400 flavors!  (highlight and larger on the word DELICIOUS) c) E-Cigarette vaping is sooo NOT smoking!  (At bottom of billboard)  Alternate IDEAS are welcome.  Must say something about E-Cigs are not the same as smoking, but make it sound good. d) (smaller print, very bottom)  ©2016 ECBlend Flavors. All Rights Reserved. Foods images are for reference only.  E-Liquid is liquid for electronic cigarettes. e) Coupon: Include Coupon code with the word : SAVE  (note: SAVE is the coupon code, make it clear) 5 Images   (Use a COMP version if from stockphoto company) a) Large dessert image (must be mouthwatering, no background)  IDEAS > a) BE CREATIVE !!  Does not have to be cheesecake, that is just an example b) appetizing, makes the viewer hungry, desires the taste c) no marketing to children (no candy or gummy bear or cotton candy) d) Do not steal images! You will be required to provide source of image. 6 General Should be CLEAN design, NOT busy - must get message across in few seconds Billboards we LIKE >   DO NOT COPY - Be Creative (Copies will be rejected)

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  • Hi dear...could you please reviews my designs. for the stock images i'm using from Image ID:118197007.
    Thank you #10
    • @harles We like this design. The words VAPING EXPERIENCE should have a break or dash or something in between. It should read like VAPING - Experience the DIFFERENCE

    • @ecblend okay...thanks for your feedbacks

    • @harles Your design is very nice ..

    • @sufyan99 Thank you.. :)

  • Hi,

    I,m Sufyan

    I hope you like my design and if you have anything changes such as style image contrast font etc please feel free to tell me.
    Sorry for my english is too weak.. #12
    • @sufyan99 Thank you for your entry. Feedback as requested: Text is a bit too busy, is not as prominent. (See our comment for general feedback on designs)

    • @ecblend okay...thanks for your feedback. & I will give you another design.

  • BRIEF UPDATED: It has been brought to our attention that the brief did not copy correctly and was hard to understand, so we have updated its format.

    Please re-visit the Brief. Thank you.
  • @ecblend for this designs I create more smoke at the background and make more vibrant colour. thank you #14
  • This is a revision from entry of designs #10. Please reviews my designs. Thank you #13
  • As requested by the designers, our feedback is this: Harles design is on the right track, It is visually appealing, follows the brief, and is very close to what we have in mind. must be very prominent, this billboard PURPOSE will direct viewers to our website.

    Reminder: The website is ECBLEND.COM (not

  • Please comment on the existing entries so the designers will know which direction to go, so the future enteries will be closer to what you want .

    Font : Bunya Personal Reguler

    Google Drive : #4
  • Here my first design. I use strawberry cheese cake that looks so delicious for a glance.
    Image source for cheese cake from here and strawberery from here
    Any suggestion or feedback are very welcome. #2
  • #1

    Hello @ecblend. Here is a new design. I've used 2 stock images (background and cheesecake) from I will be able to buy these photos myself. I particularly enjoy this cheesecake image because the generous toppings metaphorizes the "400 flavors".

    "E-Cigarette vaping is so not smoking." is great but I've removed the extra Os. I used a casual font to express its sentiment. #1

    I recommend you use Full Size View.