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The design contest was smooth and had a lot of entries. Was very satisfied with experience. My designer erkou was great to work with throughout the contest and after.

$195 paid

188 custom designs

35pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #118 by erkou, Billboard Design for Hopewell Family Dentistry Contest
Gold Medal

designed by erkou

Project description

A dual billboard design for a dental office.   The billboards will be on opposite sides of the same board.  I would like the two sides to be very similar in design to each other.  I would like a pretty/ideal smile/teeth (not a full facial picture)  for part of the board and the rest of the board to be a simple message.  For the opposing side I would like for the same smile picture to be used but have a single tooth missing and a different message.  I would like to have my website address included hopewellfamilydentistry.com and my logo incorporated.  The billboard size is 12h x 24w.

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  • Can you make a design with a missing tooth that says "Been awhile?" This board is very appealing. Can you change not anymore to Sedation and implants and make it slightly smaller in order to maker the logo slightly bigger. #126
    • @patrickcarterdmd Thank you so much for the feedback CH. Working on it. Not sure if I would be able to send the updated design before the contest ends though.

    • Unfortunately, I couldn't submit the required updated design before the contest ended CH @patrickcarterdmd.
      I had just now finished updating the design and the files are now ready.

      As of now, either of these 2 solutions can be done:
      1) If you have decided to go with my billboard design as the winning entry, I will be able to submit the updated billboard design in the "finalization" stage/phase of this contest.
      2) Or you can extend the contest (by paying some extra money) and open the contest again so that I can upload the updated design.

  • Can you replace the picture with a picture that doesn't have bright lipstick? Can you change Oh!Perfect! to say Sedation and Implants. Can you make the font just the navy blue. #140
    • @patrickcarterdmd I did not have time. The time of the contest is over.

  • kept the design simple.. feedback please... #187
  • Hello Sir,
    Here is my design,Please review it and give me feedback.
    Thankyou #186
  • Hello Sir,
    Here is my design,Please review it and give me feedback.
    Thankyou #185
  • Make all capital letter of main text #168
  • Update version where Sedation and Implants make more bigger #167
  • Mock up view #166
  • Update version of both side. Please let me know any changes and provide your rating. #165
  • Please use the text Sedation and Implants on the side with full smile for any further submissions. Thanks!
  • Can you make the background solid grey? Can you change the text to be all blue and make the Oh its you - Sedation and Implants #118
  • Need to work on the top tooth a little more but what are your thoughts on the concept? #164
  • Like the white background better for the additional contrast. #142
  • Prefer to not have lipstick on the lips in the image. #140
  • LET'S SMILE #137
  • DON'T GIVE UP #136
  • Update version of #124 where awhile? make another color relating with logo color. #135
  • feedback appreciated. thank you, #133
  • Comments Please #129
  • Hello Sir,
    Here is my Second Design, Please review it gives me feedback.
    Thank you for your time #127