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Winning design #126 by RaRich, Billboard Design for Building Blade Sign Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RaRich

Project description

We are requesting design ideas for a vertical  blade sign for the corner of an apartment building located at the intersection  of 2 streets.  We are looking for an updated version of a classic blade sign,  not being too modern or too old fashioned.
The sign would be between 30 to 40 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide.

Attached a few samples showing the type of blade signs we like.

Font to be similar to (snipimage) with the white sign.

If you use Sketchup a Sketchup file of the sign would be helpful.

No specific colors in mind at this time.
Let me know if you have any questions

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  • Building Blade Sign. The black can be acrylic or aluminum painted in black to make it less heavy, the red can be back-lit or acrylic red diffuser but backlit still the best for lighted signage as i experienced, the design is modern yet simple and much appreciable. hope you like it, thank you. #180
  • I like this one, but I need a little more detail and maybe in color. #2
    • @Seth1 Thank you so much for feedback & rating.

    • Thank you so much for feedback & rating please check my updated my new designs i have make the design in 3D View also corner of the building hopefully you like.

  • hi sir,
    pls check my design, i hope you like this
    thanks! #154
  • hi sir,
    pls check my design, i hope you like it
    thanks #150
  • Hello @Seth1, here another designs for your sign.

    Please let me know your comments. Thanks #132
    • @Seth1, please check my proposals and if you want to change something let me know please. Thanks.

  • luxurry and modern design for the stadium lofts #146
  • luxury and modern design for the stadium lofts #145
  • luxury and modern design for the stadium lofts #144
  • thank you #139
  • Hello @Seth1

    These are my new designs for your blade sign.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. #101
  • #98 – Like the “Lofts” connected on the side. Make the “the smaller in the circle smaller and/or make square. Make bottom a little more modern looking. #98
    • @Seth1 thank you for feedback my design, i'll make it with smaller circle and square option. Regards

  • #88 - Good overall look, nice thin “the” and “Lofts” but wrong font for “Stadium” and not much of an interesting look. Maybe just add a little more detail in the shape. #88
    • Thanks for the feedback. I'll try out different fonts for "Stadium" and update the coloring and overall look.

  • #60 – I like the overall look. Change red to black. Eliminate drop shadows. Try one where “Lofts” is separate to the right like #98.
  • I have extended the contest for 7 more days, I'm wasn't ready to pick a winner yet, so there is still time!

    I have narrowed down a few things I like:

    Would like to see the sign in mostly black with white letters, maybe just a little red or color.
    Would like to use “Bauhaus 93” font or similar for “Stadium”
    Use “Agency FB” or a similar thin font for “Lofts” and “The”
    No raised lettering for “Stadium” the sign will likely be laser cut and then backlit from the white letters.

    Hope this helps, I see several that are looking close.
  • PSD-BillBoard-the-stadium-lofts-03-Mockup #93
  • BillBoard-the-stadium-lofts-03 #92
  • Hello again.

    Another design proposal for you. I hope you like it.

    Thanks in advance, #91
  • v1 #88
  • BillBoard-the-stadium-lofts-p-02 #86
  • Hello,

    Check this new proposals for the blade sign. Please let me know your opinion about the designs.

    Thank you. #75