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Project description

Toolfetch has opened its first retail location and we need to need to brand the 4 windows on the side of our building for the customers driving by to explain what we carry. We need your help out there to brand our windows with our current logo and include information for our phone number (800-508-4735), website address and the categories our products are in 

Each window is approx 48” H x 46” wide and we just need the top portion of each window used for graphics.

Our business focuses on industrial supply and equipment. The categories the sign should have are Material Handling, Metal Fabrication, and Iron Workers.

We need you to think outside the box and really make these windows pop, please try and stay with our branded colors. All images that are submitted also need to be shown on the windows as well.

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  • About #16, @abie_jone
    We like this design b/c its simple, i would like to see a few different images, as the fork truck is not what we sell, we sell material lifts, example
    • About #16, @nycityguy25

      I am ready to replace whatever the images you like. But I am unable to upload the updated file right now as the contest has been expired.
      Expecting your reply.

    • @abie_jone the contest has been extended :-)

    • About #16, @nycityguy25

      As per your suggestion, I have updated the designs. Please check these latest entries #22 & #23 and let me know if anything else to be done.

    • About #23, @abie_jone
      Please put the bommerangs in the top right corner, like you have it in #22 thanks

  • orther color #12
  • this my design please check Sir. thanks #11
  • About #1, @poetaa92
    This is a good start but we don't need search faster done faster. Can you add any other graphics associated with our industry that would assist customers in who we are? I don't mind covering more of the window