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Book is about George W. Bush and what the author of this book sees are his three crimes - Criminal negligence (for not seriously taking the many warning we would be attacked before 9/11), War Crimes (for taking the American into the unnecessary 2003 Iraq war by lying and misleading the American people about the dangers of Saddam Hussein), and Torture (for torturing people in his control, stemming from captured people thought to be responsible for 9/11 or fighters in the Iraq war).

Book cover should could envelop one or all of  the theme which is George W. Bush's three crimes.

Book Title: The Case Against George W. Bush

Readers will probably not be the general public, but mainly those who would read, say, the New York Times, the Economist or Foreign Affairs.

Most of the book is filled with more than 550 quotes from over 100 books, publications and government resources on the issues of oil, 9/11, the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein and torture. The book is to be a verifiable historical record of sourced quotes from the Bush admin, knowledgable politicians and officials, and the media on the events surrounding 9/11. You can see some of these quotes and more at 911plus.org

We use Word and PDF and don't really have the capability for Adobe. It will most likely by a 6x9 paperback book, but we don't know the spine size yet. Basically cover design only unless design covers whole book, but no specs yet.

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  • The Case Against George W. Bush (I give you all files in 300dpi), thanks. #70
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    Hope you like my proposal. Please let me know if you want any change. Thanks #69
  • Another concept of The Former President with various cut outs from newspapers like New York Times, The Economist and Foreign Affairs. With the texts "Torture" , "War Crime" and "Criminal Negligence" incorporated.
    Please do let me know if you like my design styles and the direction of my designs. Everything is editable according to your needs.
    Thank you #61
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    All images used are free for commercial use.
  • The Case Againts George W. Bush Cover Book Design by Dhiaulhaq TN

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  • Hi! Here's my entry, please check it out and i hope you like it! Thanks! #57
  • This is my another vision for your cover design.
    Thank you. #53
  • Sorry for my english. I submit new suggestion for book cover design. For the image of George Bush, I did not find reference to any specific credit. It is possible that it is free use of the internet. However, its use is the responsibility of the customer. The image of Saddam Hussein is free to use. The image of the soldiers is stock images, I can provide them at no cost. Thank you.

    Soldiers stormed the building captured enemy

    Saddam Hussein (Free for commercial use)

  • Sorry for my english. Send suggestion to book cover design. The images used are stock images. If the customer likes the layout, I can provide the images in high resolution at no cost. Thank you.

    https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/democratic-presidential-nominee-hillary-clinton-supporters-news-photo/621801058 #50
  • Another original concept art. I kindly request you to view this image in the full-size mode to notice the small details in it. #46

    Thank you.
  • Hardcover book design for "The Case Against George W. Bush". Used two of his crimes as symbolic pictures on the front cover and a picture of the former president. The design is minimalistic with negative space on the front cover to bring balance to the composition. The author name font is up for debate and i'll gladly make any changes to the overall design. #45
  • Another concept of three portraits of Former President George W. Bush. Each of them are made from the typographic words of his three crimes. Designed to look modern, professional and matured.
    1st portrait: Criminal Negligence
    2nd Portrait: War Crimes
    and 3rd Portrait: Torture

    The design style closely follows the news article styles of the New York Times, the Economist and Foreign Affairs and will be suitable and most favourable for the readers of above mentioned newspapers.

    Please do let me know if you like the direction of my designs. Everything is editable as per your needs. And I kindly request you to view this image in the full-size mode to notice the small details in it. #43
    Hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you.
  • all images are for free for commercial use. #41
  • Original concept, made from scratch and no clipart used. So everything is customizable in this design.
    Design is focused and portrayed on George W Bush and his three crimes.
    "Criminal negligence, War Crimes and Torture." - letterings are portrayed and aligned inside the fingerprint design.
    The design style closely follows the news article styles of the New York Times, the Economist and Foreign Affairs. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, less congested, yet meaningful.
    Two versions: #39 and #40

    Thank you.
  • This has an alternative back cover, the front is the same, again, everything is changeable. I used some text copied from the website, so I assume that will definitely need to be changed. #34
  • No photographs, so no worries about photographic rights, composed of 3D models, which can be posed and changed in any number of ways(don't be afraid to ask), hand-cuffs on a business suit, tortured people, and a plane heading for the towers. All Black and white underneath, with red, white, and blue over the top. Type is kept loose for easy changes, Lorem Ipsum on the back for placeholder. Open spots left for quotes, author's name, publisher, and UPC/ISBN....

    ....oh, and I've kept the spine purposely wide to allow for later adjustments. #24
  • Different title treatment. #23