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Winning design #137 by Nasrul, Book Cover Design for Always Booked Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

I am looking for a great Book Cover Design. You can either use my picture (, a stock photo you like (and the license for commercial use which is included in the price for the winning design) or no stock photo at all.

Cover Dimensions:
- Paperback
- spine: 1.27cm
- trimming edge: 0.5cm
- overall width (without trimming edge): 28.27cm
overall width (with trimming edge): 29.27cm
- height (without trimming edge): 21.5cm
- height (with trimming edge): 22.5cm

1. Book title: Always Booked 
2. Book subtitle: How to position yourself as an expert and sell on autopilot. The online marketing manual for coaches, trainers and consultants.

3. Blurb:

Do you recognize yourself in this?

• You want to position yourself successfully as an expert?
• You want to know which social media and online marketing strategies work best for customer acquisition?
• Are you looking for online tools that save time and money?
• You would like to know how to strengthen the customer relationship online?
• You are looking for a proven solution for creating a website that automates selling and generates a steady income stream?

Then you must read "Always Ausgebucht". It is like your personal Internet Marketing Coach: the manual for all coaches, trainers and consultants who want to position themselves as experts and build a successful online business. Through an honest online marketing strategy and with products that really bring something to other people. Whether you are a life coach or a business coach, a complete beginner or a marketing expert,

In this book you will learn how to get (even) more success online - and remain true to yourself.

In addition, it includes a step-by-step marketing strategy and concrete tips that you can immediately implement in a variety of areas such as: new customer acquisition, sales promotion, email marketing, competition analysis, SEO, website marketing, customer satisfaction, event marketing, target group analysis, B2B Marketing Plan and Affiliate Marketing.

4. Ideas on the Cover Design could be:

5. Please deliver the final design as editable .psd and include  the barcode (

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  • DONT GIVE UP... :)
    #55 with german write #163
  • Another idea for your book cover @ben_ahlfeld. Thanks #161
  • Hi...I've made the tittle balloon bigger and highlighted with orange shadow ..thanks #156
  • Second version @ben_ahlfeld. Thanks #152
  • Alternative design of the previous entry @ben_ahlfeld. I modified the back cover so let me know if you like it or not. Thanks #151
  • Hello sir @ben_ahlfeld I'm adding some background accents here. Please check it #148
  • with The box #145
  • competitice contest :)
    And great atmosfer here... #144
  • The second version @ben_ahlfeld, using your CI colors. Thanks #133
  • No problem @ben_ahlfeld. Here it is, the first version. Thanks #130
  • Hello @ben_ahlfeld this is my new design for your cover. Please check it. Hope you like it, thanks #127
  • Please check. #115
  • Hey sir @ben_ahlfeld, please check it for the next revision. #110
  • About #99, @ben_ahlfeld Thanks for the reply, the left side seems more legit though. But i'll submit both version. Thanks
  • The 2nd color version @ben_ahlfeld. Thanks #108
  • As you requested previously @ben_ahlfeld. Here it is, the revision. I also have another idea to submit, please wait. Thanks #107
  • About #49, Thanks for replying sir. I'll submit it sonner.
  • @ben_ahlfeld Here you are, Sir. Please check it. #92
  • About #49, @mbrafo and please use the full german text for the subtitle as well:

    1. Wie du dich als Experte positionierst und völlig automatisiert verkaufst.

    2. Das Online-Marketing Handbuch für Coaches, Trainer und Berater.
  • @ben_ahlfeld, Hi Sir, this I've changed the main title and make bubbles for 1st and 2nd subtitle. Please check it #86