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In our private lives, we are art collectors. For this we recognize that every art purchase we do is a subjective act based on our aesthetic and emotional metrics, standards and criteria. In this competition we had the offerings of artists that we know worked very hard to conceptualize their offering for our book cover. We thank them all for their time and efforts from the bottom of our heart. It was a roller coaster ride for us as the submissions came in. Then, for us, finally, THERE IT WAS. It was such a relief to receive Hashan Shen's contribution. HIs design spoke to the pain of those who are stuck in their ill-formed natures be it smoking, nail biting, cheek chewing, spousal abuse, hair pulling, grief, pain, suffering etc. We truly thank him. Like the other competitors, his was a unique creative act; and we feel blessed that he found us.

CA$653 paid

48 custom designs

17pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #40 by hasith2010, Book Cover Design for C-Jade Publications Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hasith2010

Project description

Book cover


Is It Possible to CHANGE IT?

Can one


Epiepistemological Psychotherapy, Eepiy

Neuro-Semantic Programming, NSP

Jennifer K. Smith Chong & Dennis K. Chong

please use attached image  on front cover as well

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  • I hope you like it sir #46
  • Dear dchong421,

    Here is an artwork which say an story about human nature. This visual give impact of human has layer and one can identify that layer and work on it to bring good from him.

    Hope you like this. #41
  • Book Cover Edit-5 #40
  • Book Cover Design-4 Edit #39
  • Book Vector Design #3 #38
  • Book Vector Design #2 #37
  • Book Vector Design #1 #36
  • Book Vector Design #1 #35
  • Book Mockup #2 #32
  • Book Mockup#1 #31
  • Hi..this my design for your book..hope you like it..thanks #25
  • I'm also interested to hear the size of the book and does it have flap covers as well?
  • Dear dchong421,
    Eye is the important feature of an human body it speaking lot of thing, Here i tried to differentiate the change in human nature with the help of eye.

    hope you like this concept. #20
  • There's a word in your description on the brief that I can't seem figure out, and Google isn't helping, also there is no mention of an author's write up, back cover, spine information, or a blurb. I've got this at 6.25x9.25, if that needs changed please let me know. #19
  • another try #18
  • My design Represents the concept of human nature and how it is willing to change gradually..Hopefully you'll like it . #17
  • What size will this be, 6"X9", or something else?
  • Dear Dchong421,

    Reading the title of your book i can visualize that it is an motivational book and after reading this book one person can know how he can change the nature and behaviour of a person. hope you like it. #10
  • Dear C-Jade Publication,

    Here is an artwork which express the nature of human being. we human have grunge and Glitch and we all want to change our live and we all look at nature like bird, tree by seeing it we thing of peace. We think if there would be someone who can guide us so we can bring change in our life, perception. this cover page say story of human life full of grundge and glitch and need someone to guide him. #9
  • tell me if the Author's photo needs to be enlarged. #8