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My book title is the Fountain of Youth with Peptides.  (Discover the regenerative properties of peptides).  I am looking at a modern design of a youth and the regenerative properties of peptides.  I want to avoid the typical picture of a fountain of the front cover.   So i was thinking modern art or something that looks modern.  this will be a difficult project. 

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  • Please check this one #25
  • please feedback my design... #23
  • Please Check Another Design Option.
    Best Regards #22
  • Hello ! This is my design submission for this contest. Hope you like it and I look forward to your feedback. Any suggestions are very welcome.
    Best Regards #21
  • Please no use of faces or body parts.
  • Hope you like this one! feel free to comment down any revisions, Thank you! Best regards! #15
    • @MarkyWhiskeyhands I like part of the book cover. I think it needs more color and it kind of looks like you are entering in the dark side. Can you have no hand in it and bring some positive energy to it.

  • the Fountain of Youth with Peptides Book Cover... #16
  • Please check this one I have made by using stock image #8
  • I really hope you will like my design! Try to flip the cover design vertical. Then you will see a face instead of waves and a fountation ;) pls say if you got any changes! #4
  • front cover sample #1