God Factory

I got two great book covers from the same artist but I was disappointed with the number of submissions from other artists. I got far fewer than expected, especially since I increased the prize money to above the recommended amount. Luckily, I found one excellent artist (dienel96) to work with. She really came through and saved both competitions! Most of the submissions weren't anything like what I asked for and were a complete waste of time. It's definitely a gamble but it worked out well this time.

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Winning design #56 by dienel96, Book Cover Design for God Factory Contest
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designed by dienel96

Project description

This project is GUARANTEED!  
***Please do your best to update quickly after receiving feedback.  ALSO: Read the ALTERNATE FRONT or BACK COVER contest at the bottom of this page.  There's an additional $150 for anyone who can do this well, even if you don't win the competition.  Thank you and happy creating!!!

Synopsis:  The world's last angels use a dangerous technology to send an unwitting man into the ether in a last-ditched effort to find their lost God. But the man has a dark agenda of his own.

The book will be published in the 5" x 8" format.  It will require front cover, back cover and binder, plus it will need to be rendered so can be 300dpi when blown up to 24" x 36" for posters.  The title is "God Factory" the subtitle is "Edenfall" and the author name is "Dr. K".

I'll give close feedback to anyone who is serious about following directions, is professional and easy to work with.

This is based in Chicago, USA, in the year 2004 A.D.  In the background, the Sears Tower has been turned into a burning pyre. There are two separate covers I'd like to see entries for:
FRONT COVER: There is a thick storm of ravens, pigeons, eagles, demons, and angels are flying and doing battle around the burning Sears Tower and a naked, completely bald and muscular man (like a more ripped out version of Michelangelo's David--no body hair) is rising from the ground. Think of the ultimate Adonis male gone bad.  His eyes are intense, and it's obvious he has a score to settle. This man is pissed off but very cold and collected. And he radiates power. He is directly facing the reader.  His intense expression tells the story.  There's a template for this attached, but I'd prefer you use your imagination and improve it.

BACK COVER: A 12-year-old Caucasian boy with brown hair sits on a stone bench next to a 13-year-old Asian girl. They're in an apple orchard inside a peaceful courtyard.  In the background are angles made of tainted light? They're barely visible, like ghosts.  He's nervous and drawing something (a picture of her), and she looks like she's about to cry.  ALSO, see the back cover of #2 below. It could also apply here!
FRONT COVER: The same man as #1 is has just emerged from a large, shattered glass suspension tank. Gel leaks out.  He's bloody and wounded. Around the tank lie the bodies of burnt and bloody angels, and it looks like the man might have just been the one to do that. A cascade of white celestial light cascades through the room. Again, he is directly facing the reader.

BACK COVER: The back cover should have a gorgeous naked blonde female angel struggling to her knees while protecting herself from a being an onslaught from a demonic version of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."  She's raising her hand upward, and she's holding something nondescript that's glowing. It will be powerful if she's holding the glowing hand toward the reader (a sky down view.)  THIS COVER COULD BE THE BACK OF #1 AS WELL AS LONG AS IT CONTINUES THE STORY PROPERLY.

ALTERNATE FRONT or BACK COVER:  This one would be amazing to see.  The Sears Tower is burning, having been turned into a flaming Hellgate.  Inside, an archangel dangles from chains over a deep pit of hellfire.  One of her wings is severed.  She's completely naked and her wrists are bound with manacles above her head.  She's blond, her head is hanging, thin flames cover parts of her body.  She's porn-star voluptuous/curvy and she's in a great deal of torment.  This should be a view of her from the side/rear.  If you do this one well enough, I'll buy it from you for $150 at the end of the competition, even if you don't win and guarantee you the 2nd place spot!!!


I've included a cover as a template to give you the idea for cover #1.  If you use it, you'll need to do a better job with detail, especially on the angel.  This is a book for adults with graphic language, sex, and violence so it needs to look sexy and dangerous. Do your best!

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