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Project description

Live Gettysburg is the title to a companion guidebook that includes a download of a planned iPhone/iPad/Android/Android Tablet app.  We want a cover design for Live Gettysburg.

 The app will be a self-guided auto tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The guidebook will contain hints about how to use the app, travel around Gettysburg, and contain even more information.

Videos that show authentic battle reenactment
GPS driving directions
Driving Audio 
Artistic recreations of actual battle scenes
16 stops and the option to choose which stops
The Hidden History Relic Hunt
2-8 hours in length
note - requires a smartphone or tablet to operate

Resources that can be incorporated:
Dale Gallon Artwork painted where the subject matter is Gettysburg (just use screen grabs for now, we will contact the artist ourselves to obtain permission if you use these images) is one of our old products

The app called "Gettysburg Driving Tour"

Library of Congress pictures of Gettysburg

Anything else that we have the free rights to use

Competitive Products:
The Gettysburg Story Auto Tour CD
Gettysburg Field Guide Auto Tour CD

What we are looking for:
We need a book front and back cover. We will be placed on a book shelf next to Auto Tour CDs and we want to communicate the increased value of the App, without intimidating people who are not smartphone savvy.  You have artistic freedom to select the marketing terms.  The front cover should contain an image that communicates an exciting tour, and some or all of our features.  The back should contain a smaller image and all of our features.  We want a competitive edge.  Without directly stating it, we want the book to scream "Pick me up, read more, take me to the register!"

The style can be classic, modern, minimal.  You pick the color scheme.  Feel free to incorporate photographs or landscapes or other artwork that we have the free rights to use.

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  • Hello. Look at my a cover design and page for the app #57
  • Hi, hope i'm not too late for this contest but I had to give it a shot :)
    *all colors and details are changeable I'm always open for suggestions.. #53
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  • HI
    Looking forward to your feedback :) #46
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  • Designers stop copying, You did not come up with "Ultimate Guide Book" this belongs to the designer that came up with this idea, the layout be careful several of you have copied layouts also

    Be original
    • @sharie I never copy I have two accounts that are active in this contest

    • @didinhawari what two accounts? you are only allowed to have 1 account?

  • What are the approximate dimensions of your book or packaging that will contain the book? Do you have a dimension (width) for the spine? You mentioned that this will be displayed on a shelf next to Auto Tour CDs, so dimensions are important to how I design your piece for maximum shelf impact. Are the Auto Tour CDs in a typical CD sized package or are they in a larger box? This will also make a difference in how I design your piece.

    Thank you for your input.
  • About #27, @ThemesClouds kindly check my book cover design

  • I hope you give me feedback #29
  • I'm sorry, I do not ever have to copy other designers. for layout I think you like it like that ...
    and I do not understand suddenly assume my design copying other designers

    but if you do not like the design I better give both positive and negative responses that appreciate me as a designer.

    thank you #28
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  • Are these soldiers who fought at Gettysburg?
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  • Hi, dear @wileni01! Thank you for rating!
    Check please my new designs: #14 is update of my previous entry, #15 and #16 are using another beautiful paintings and #17 is my artwork from free photos. Please feel free to let me know what do you think about them!

    Kind regards & have a nice day
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