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Project description

I want a book cover for a lesbian paranormal romance novel set in modern-day America.

The book would be 6x9" and aprox. 160 pages.

Title: Black Blood
Author: Lola Andrews


"Tate hasn’t seen the sun in many years, and not just because she’s a vampire. Persecuted by The Society and the Ancients, a pariah to both the human and the supernatural world, she’s kept a low profile and her undead head firmly above her shoulders.

However, when an old friend offers to bring the love of her life back from the dead, she can hardly say no. The price to pay? She must rescue Lilith’s half-demon, half-human daughter, Olivia, from the claws of a witch.

Mix and shake, and Tate may have gotten herself into the worst adventure of her life.

Will Tate survive this, or will her past catch up to her? Can she resist the allure of Olivia’s demon blood? And will she get the love of her life back?"

I want something modern, slick, sexy and feminine for the cover. No raunchy Victorian-style vampires. Think Buffy/Supernatural but with more adult content.

I'm open to all ideas. However, the style should read paranormal romance/modern-day fantasy. A big chunk of the story happens on the road, so that can be an inspiration; the road, a muscle-car, cheap motels. Other inspirations: old churches and other buildings, city landscapes. However, I will accept more abstract ideas, so feel free to explore.

Night-time, because vampires.

If you're going to have characters, I have three main female ones:

1. A vampire, thin, sophisticated, short, boyish hair in a dark blond color.
2. A younger (early 20's) woman, Latina, long dark hair, casual clothing.
3. And older (late 30's) woman, red hair, glasses. Think British professor.

Again, it is not mandatary to have characters on the cover, or to have all three (1 and 2 only may work, or 1 and 3).
Please, play around.

No fancy, super-curvy fonts. I'd rather go with simpler, blockier fonts.

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