Neuroscience: How Our Brains "Think Alike"

We received numerous creative and unique designs for our textbook. We really appreciate the DesignContest platform and, most importantly, the designers that put so much effort into our contest. Most of the designers were very responsive to our suggestions and requests, which ultimately helped us get better results. We look forward to future projects on this site!

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Winning design #115 by stefanostrigkas, Book Cover Design for Neuroscience: How Our Brains
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designed by stefanostrigkas

Project description

We are looking for an engaging, clean book cover design for a new neuroscience research textbook. We are open to a variety of creative/artistic styles and have a broad audience: students, professors, businesspeople, consumers, etc.

The theme of the textbook is that brains "think alike."

This doesn't necessarily have to be incorporated in your design, but it provides additional context:

Brains especially "think alike" (behave similarly) when presented with popular movies, advertisements, music, and other attention-grabbing content.

A lot of our research took place in a movie theater:
moviegoers watched movies while wearing an EEG cap that recorded their brain activity. The neural activity predicted what the moviegoers remembered and purchased in the future.

Thank you for your help!

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