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Book Cover design for my 150 page paperback book on Positive Accountability. This is a Paperback book 6"x9" This is in the area of personal growth. I am uber excited about this book and looking for designers to work with for a long period of time. I've worked with designers for 35 years and love working with talented hardworking people. This will be a great working relationship. This book is for people that are NOT self-starters. It is a book that will help people lean to accomplish and also how to work with an accountability partner. Short Title - POSITIVE ACCOUNTABILITY Specific Book Title - How to Accomplish Almost Anything with POSITIVE ACCOUNTABLE The first Step to Success Here is the Book INTRODUCTION so you can see what it's about. Read this and have a better chance of doing the winning cover design... POSITIVE ACCOUNTABILITY BOOK INTRODUCTION (give you and idea of what it's about). “Clean up your room or…” “Get the report in by COB today or…” ”Pay what you owe or…” Negative accountability - do this or else. It’s a major part of life. It’s what drives us in almost everything from a necessity perspective. In fact, a recent Zogby poll shows that a majority of those surveyed feel that accountability is something negative that happens to them - usually when things go wrong, rather than something they utilize to ensure success. But what about from a positive or “choice” perspective? In almost everything we are accountable to an outside force. It’s a negative influence for good. We drive the speed limit for fear of getting a ticket. We pay our taxes on time for fear of the government hauling us away. We keep our weight down and in shape when we aren’t in a relationship for fear of not attracting the opposite. We at least put on the appearance of work at our job for fear of being fired. The list goes on and on and on… fill in the blanks, write your own list. Even so, we just do enough to get by. We push the speed limit by 5-10 mph because that’s the most we can push it and not get stopped. We pay our taxes on time though 41% of us pay within the last 30 days before they’re due - 27% in the last 15 days.0 We may keep our weight down when pursuing the catch, but we put on the “freshmen 15” after we’re caught. Think of your life and all the things you do because something or someone is holding you accountable. The whole legal system is set up to keep people accountable to social norms. We are inundated with accountability. Without it, we would quickly seek our selfish nature and lowest level - our “Lord of the Flies” if you will.0 Without the alarm clock, we will sleep in. Without the “Oil Alert” on our car, we would burn up the engine. Without “Siri” (iPhone) reminding us of this or that meeting, we would be late. If no one enforced us being at work or school, we would not go on days we didn’t feel like going. Without speed limit enforcement, every road would be the autobahn. At this point, somewhere between 12-18% of you are saying to yourselves, “this is bunk - I do this because it’s what needs to be done.” True. But you are the ~15%0 of the population that are self-starters.0 The rest of us have to have a reason! Even so, I know plenty of self- starters that have this problem in certain areas - just depends on what we’re dealing with at the time. My friend and mentor, John Maxwell, tells the story of a time when he was speaking to a group and a young college student came running up to him during a break and waving his index finger with intensity, he said to John, “I am rushed for time. Tell me - what is the one thing in leadership I need to know?” Answering the young man with equal intensity and the waving of his index finger, John said, “the one thing you need to know about leadership, is that there is more than one thing to know about leadership!” John’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, 15 Invaluable Laws of (personal) Growth, and 18 Laws of Teamwork prove that point. As a matter of fact, I have no need to write anything on leadership because John covered the general subject so well (as well as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and a host of others). Indeed, to become a good-to-great leader, a study of John’s books will get you well on your way, and eventually to, a level 5 leader - IF… you learn AND apply. But as I worked with entrepreneurs, others on the John Maxwell Team, and people in general, most of them - 80% of them - suffered from what my dad used to define as “the toughest part about getting started, is getting started.” Everybody is “going to write that book.” (well, 81% of the population say they have a book in them.) But only .2% do (that’s point 2!) - and all of them are well meaning. Everybody is going to start that company but only 13% of them do. 59% of us say they are over weight. 54% say they are going to lose weight. 25% say they are serious. The average weight we want to lose? 18 pounds. Only about 15% of them do and then most (about 85%) of those put the weight back on. What the fat is going on in our hearts and minds that causes us not to begin and even if we do, to vacillate so wildly? How can we accomplish that which constantly alludes us? Accountability. Think about it. What if we took the principle that is so pervasive/invasive in our lives - accountability for legal/necessary things, and applied those principles/feelings to our CHOICES as well - things that we WANT to accomplish. I love and teach John Maxwell’s laws. The hard part for most of my mentees / coaching clients / others, is indeed getting started - and once started, staying on target. Mere planning won’t ensure that they take their goal past the planning stage. Execution of those plans is essential. In my survey and study, only 2% of the population FULLY plans each day and only another 2% follows the specific action items in that plan daily. We plan in order to feel good about the day, but we don’t achieve all that we can. Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog”0 is a great book to understand procrastination and develop a strategy to move ahead. But we need more than a strategy - we need accomplishment - we need the win. It’s like knowledge. You’ve heard it said that “knowledge is power” or knowledge is the key to success. Not true. If it were true we would all be rich. APPLIED knowledge is power. Yes we need to know how to accomplish. But even more, we need accomplishment to be there - and for that, we need… accountability. We won’t do it without it… guaranteed... unless you’re in that 15% of self starters. Even so... This book will show you how to best define success and move past the things you are not doing, to get to the success you desire. I have deliberately keep this book short so we can get through it quickly and not get sidetracked. Besides, this isn’t rocket science needing significant math - it’s a pragmatic book of methodologies and procedures. This is not a get-rich-quick book, although practicing Positive Accountability as a life methodology will help you make an order of magnitude more than living in constant procrastination. It is a book for using accountability in a positive, tenacious way, to accomplish your goals and desires. It is not a book about time management, though some aspects of time management are discussed. This book is not about 12 things you must do to succeed - but it is about one thing that if you put into place first, will naturally and perpetually, move you through to a greater success. Will you still need knowledge? Yep. Will you still need 21 laws of this and that? Absolutely. So why do I say it’s the FIRST step to success? Because the key to getting started, the push to learn and do the homework necessary, and the glue keeping you on target, is found in Positive Accountability - and I’m going to show you how to embrace it and use it to the fullest, for your success. Live long and prosper… and be accountable! Royce White

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  • Hello CH, My entry is number #21. Please tell me if you like my idea or I should try something else. Thank you!
  • I have submitted design #20 for your consideration. I have used a list of positive words in the background, however I repeated some words if you like the design I could use different positive words not to repeat any of them. Thanks
  • Nice Text book design. However, this will be a paperback, 6"x9" and more for business and consumers. The typography is very good though. Clean. From an image perspective, Positive Accountability is about working with someone to help you achieve success. Most people are not self-starters and we need someone to hold us accountable to the thing we have decided to do. They will text you, or email you, or call you to remind you. It's about working with some one to achieve success.
  • hi ch. roycewhite i have uploaded design #18, #19 i hope you will like my work i am awaiting your valuable comments thanks all the best babar786
  • Good Morning CH, I have just submitted entry #9. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. If you have any changes, additions or suggestions, please let me know and I will happily do the best I can to meet your needs. Thanks! Best Regards, Amanda
    • I apologize. I noticed I did not add in your name on the first design. I have uploaded entry #17 with your name included

  • Very nice first concept. Nice typography, nice spacing. nice off-center. Nice color scheme. How about some other color schemes? My name dies as a yellow. Love the simplicity. Got any more ideas??
  • Hello. Black is def a hip design factor, but in this case, it brings in too much negativity. I love good typology but this is too simplistic and ubiquitous for me. I would like to see a design element other than color and type. Keep going! Thanks, Royce
    • Hi. I have added three additional submissions. #12 has a picture of coffee since most people start their day with it; it's kind of parallel to starting anything, like a book or taking a first step. #13 has more of a toned-down vibrant feel with triangles creating triangles within the pos/neg space. And #16 does the same, in addition to the filled neg spaces in the letter O

  • Hello. Nice first pass. The color is passive and cool, but also it needs more jumping off the page. I would like to see a design element other than color and type. Even a photo of some kind. Although the Plus sign is a great fist concept. Also, just for design considerations the title is not ACCOUNTABLE but ACCOUNTABILITY. Nice first concept. Kind regards, Royce
    • |--|

      roycewhite {*wrote*}:
      Hello. Nice first pass. The color is passive and cool, but also it needs more jumping off the page. I would like to see a design element other than color and type. Even a photo of some kind. Although the Plus sign is a great fist concept. Also, just for design considerations the title is not ACCOUNTABLE but ACCOUNTABILITY. Nice first concept. Kind regards, Royce
      |--| Hi Royce, my apologies for the spelling. I'll fix that up. With images, it's difficult to locate the right image that won't make it feel cheesy or half baked. If one comes up that surpasses the strength of the cross, then I'll definitely use it. A graphic element like a cross I feel is more timeless, striking and bold. The less clutter on the page, the more impactful and memorable the design becomes. Cheers! joe

  • Hello. I love good typology but this is too simplistic and ubiquitous for me. It looks semi retro. It doesn't draw me in, not inviting. The idea is that people will want to buy the book just for the cover! I would like to see a design element other than color and type. Keep going! Thanks, Royce
  • hi ch. royce white i am in.... can you make blind your contest? thanks babar786
    • |--|

      babar786 {*wrote*}:
      hi ch. royce white i am in.... can you make blind your contest? thanks babar786
      |--| hi babar786 - This is my first time using this service. It's unfortunate that I have to pay $30 to make it private. I have worked with graphics artist for 35 years, so if you are the first with an idea and someone else comes in with the same idea but enhances it, you can enhance yours as well, and I will note that yours was first. I'm a fair person. I like to work with people who are talented and hardworking. I will be checking this often. Kind regards, Royce

  • please find my Entry#38 hope you like the idea please feed back
    • I'm not showing your entry #38 anymore - it's disappeared. Can you re-upload. It's in the top three at the moment... Thanks, Royce

    • |--|

      roycewhite {*wrote*}:
      I'm not showing your entry #38 anymore - it's disappeared. Can you re-upload. It's in the top three at the moment... Thanks, Royce
      |--| hi there, the entry was removed because it is using art not owned or created by the designer.

    • And where can I find that information other than the note you just sent above?

    • Please return it and get the designer to let me know if there are any added costs.

    • The entry is back in the contest and I posted message to the designer Thank you

  • Nicccccccce. But what does it mean?
    • I tried to gather in a single simple shape, accountability, political, governance, Decisions, responsability, office, citizens, power, leadership, .... could get more. I think that results in a very simple manner and that symbolizes what is accountability. But Mr Royce White is the best person to determine if you like the concept, and is in agreement with the contents of the book. Regards Z.

    • Another point of work, I used black on white as a positive symbol. thanks for your feedback :)

    • Some of my folks are saying it is brilliant. It's in the top three and maybe the top two... Might win.

  • you have used art that can't be used in this project
  • Hello, I have made the changes that you wanted and I added one more idea. #44 #45 #46. I hope you like it. Best regards.
  • You have used copyrighted images for this book cover
  • Can we move the tag at the bottom (THe first step to success) to the left side of the red man in the gray shadow, and move my name down to the right bottom? Would like to see it that way...
  • Also nice. I might move the image down a little so the middle of the top guys face isn't in the word - a little too much over type.
  • hmmmmmmm. Very nice. Nice image, includes concept of balance, one of the chapters, Nice typographics. The Positive needs to be a Green Plus (+), the Negative, a red minus (-). looks like maybe the Proportions are a little out, the book is 6"x9" Good entry....
  • About #42 #43 This is others ideas. I didn't change much the typography, but if you like the photos and want more changes at the text, I will improve it then. Thank you!
  • I like this. It is warm and nice. Very clean. Good point. I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't dry me in, it's just a nice design. Too easy for a person to put it down after picking it up. I want them to here "YOU NEED TO BUY ME!" when they pick it up. Does that make sense??
    • yes, it does... a lot, but pretty difficult to apply. :) I understand what you are saying, but from a reader experience, I tell you that I never buy a book just for the book cover. Besides the author name and recommendations are the messages in front and back of the book. And then I say "oh, and it has a really nice design, too" :). But there is still time to find another idea. Thank you for your feedback.