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I was very happy with my designer (vtdasv) and the results I got - all of the designers submitted great designs and I had a number to choose from. This designer had great communication skills, quick turnaround, and was very responsive to comments and ideas. Very pleased with the whole experience, excellent results for a very good price.

$295 paid

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Winning design #8 by vtadasv, Book Cover Design for SBS Publishing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vtadasv

Project description

Need a cover design for an e-pamphlet to be titled "Dangerous Teen Apps:  A Parent Reference Guide" by SBS Publishing.  The cover should indicate professionalism, more than sensationalism, but should try to capture the serious mood of the subject.

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  • Var #3 #31
  • Var #2 #30
  • Clean modern design.

    Main idea in kids toy "Rubik cube" with app icons. #28
  • My Designs (Thanks)! #21
  • Icons changed to requested apps logos. Original cover is 2820 x 4500 px as maximum. #18
  • Hello mirmcnabb,
    My original idea: the cover is designed as a tablet. Behind the appearance beautiful, hide many dangers.
    #16 and #20
  • I like this design - however the actual apps in the book are not the ones that you show logos for. Some of the apps that are going to be part of the book are: Snapchat, Kik,, uM (uMentioned), Whisper, Vine, YikYak, Fess, Omegle, Oovoo, Periscope, Voxer. If you used some of those symbols the design would work. Thank you!
    • @mirmcnabb It is possible to change the icons! I will deliver the edited design soon! Thank you for your feedback!

  • Original file is in the maximum size as required. #1
  • Everything is editable in accordance with your requirements. #1
  • Good question! Here are the specs. Thanks.
    "Requirements for the size of your cover art have an ideal height/width ratio of 1.6, this means a minimum of 625 pixels on the shortest side and 1000 pixels on the longest side. For best quality, your image would be 2820 pixels on the shortest side and 4500 pixels on the longest side."

    eBook Cover Size: 1563 x 2500 pixels
    File Formats: JPG, TIFF
  • What are the measurements of the cover (front, back, side)?