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Winning design #111 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for 720cams Business Card Contest
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designed by HYPdesign

Project description

Hey, 720cams is a new start up that lets entertainers virtually interact with customers on the internet. We want our business card to be simple but yet really stand out and have a 'WOW' factor. Our logo has a simple design and we want the front of the business card to look that way too, but it's really important that it gives a great first impression to our customers and recruiters. We would prefer a standard landscape design but are open to suggestions as we really just want to make the best business card possible. A key component of our business is network marketing. We are handing out these business cards to recruiters and agents that will recruit for us in exchange for lifetime commissions. Therefore we want the back of the card to include our commission structure (attached file) in a really enticing way. The wording can possibly be changed if you think it can help attract customers. Again, anything you guys think makes a better business card please throw some designs and ideas out, we are here to try and make the best business card we can Thanks! ATTN ALL DESIGNERS: It has come to our attention that the 720 logo probably wasn't getting much info across with the "cams" so we included one from our logo designer THANKS!

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  • Hi CH, May you upload your logo in vector format (e. g. *.eps or *.ai)? By doing this I'm pretty sure you'll get the best results. Also may you specify the size of your business card? Thank you! Best regards
  • Hi there, I submitted #11. I have gone for a very clean look that places emphasis on the content and the identity. With such a small amount of space to work in on business cards it is best to go for the minimalist look to allow for fast recognition and readability, making sure there is nothing on the card that is not needed. Please let me know what you think of it. Also if you could explain the commission schedule a bit better that might be helpful, I wasn't sure exactly what I was trying to communicate with it... Thanks,
  • Hello, can I just clarify the size: Is it 3x2.5 inches, or 3.5x2 inches? Thank you!
  • just going to eliminate the ones that are portrait to avoid confusion
  • Sorry, dansheva there was a mixup on the brief. I was pretty sure I had landscape checked not sure how it got to portrait. To clarify: We want lanscape format. And also for some reason the color seems to be not displaying. We would like probably like a darker colour unless we got a design that blew us away with a lighter color and it "fit" Sorry about that
  • dear CH.. #3 is size as per your request....and i wil improved for the next submision
  • Hi, Dansheva Is this card the standard size? It looks more like a square.. and also if you read the description you can see that I talked about our commision scheme being really important and that we want that info on the back of the card...
  • we haven't decided on a slogan or if we even want one. So just do an entry and we can commentate on the design which is most important to us Thanks
  • Hello CH, any slogan you would like to add on the front? any website? Thank you
  • Yes, now there is. Thank you ;) ;) Best regards :::::::::::::::::::
  • Hey, I just attached it... let me know if you see it
  • Hello CH, could you please provide the logo ? Thank you ! Best regards.
  • Dear Ch Plz Check out my 1st entry #49 i hope u like it. Thanks Salman khan
  • I noticed one more problem that needed to be fixed. #45 now has the diamonds on the back spaced enough between each other, so they don't cover the numbers anymore.
  • nice subtle changes! It's definitely going in the right direction
  • Font looks a bit too cheesy/ cheap. Not an extremely professional looking card
  • Good design, not sure how I feel about the back though
  • This is better than the original, but for some reason still looks a bit plain.. will try to think of feedback that can help your card.. The back is fine, front needs some work
  • dansheva, still don't think this is eye catching enough and the monochrome just makes it look more 'cheap' than luxurious, know what I mean?
  • of your designs, I like this one the best, but can you put the name/contact info on the front and leave the back dedicated to the affiliate info. Also, I mean I like the green and I know it fits well with $, but it just doesn't seem to fit well with this card. See if you can play around with the colours. Thanks!