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Winning design #45 by moonart, Business Card Design for Afrah Productions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

I want to design a new business card for the business. Afrah productions is a photography business for weddings

here are out contact info:
305 336 6933

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  • The silver doesn't look as good as the white one. Let's go back to white please #41
    • @rawad thank you, please check updated design.

  • Check please my another version #44.

    Kind regards
  • Sorry white. This page is white logo and the other page is silver text #37
  • Sorry white. This page is white logo and the other page is silver text #37
  • This one stays one not silver. Only the other side is silver #37
  • Dear rawad, this is the black version. I have several more. #39
  • About #34, @x_man   afrah Arabic word ?!

  • Silver text & logo color & font Castellar change to Arafa pro. hopefully you like thanks #37
  • I was trying to stay focused on modern and elegant look. I add this print because i know that all girls and ladies like it, and they are attracted by any print like this one. This is just one of my ideas. I hope you like it. #36
  • Hi, dear @rawad!
    Check please my entry #35. I used your photo from facebook for the design.
    Please let me know what do you think about it!
    Best regards
  • use font called: Castellar Use silver instead of white for the logo and the text on this page. I want to seee how it will show #33
  • :) #34
  • I hope you like this #31
  • change the font. I need something more elegant. This looks cheap #28
  • lets try this side black too with white logo and white test. #28
  • have this black border all around. #22
    • @rawad Thank you again for feedback, please check new entries

  • have this black border all around. #22
  • take the website out..... just keep the logo alone #22
  • just put 305 336 6933 without the +1 #22
  • change the font please to something more elegant #22