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Winning design #88 by eleni, Business Card Design for Antonio N Nobrega Business Card Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eleni

Project description

We want an original, creative but not playful card. Need to have a strong caracter. We are open to approaches out of the convencional but not too modern. We have developed a new logo recently and that is attached to this project.

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  • Not sure about the green on the front
  • We dont like those sun rays on the logo
  • The white background shape is a bit odd here..but we like the approach
  • About #54 Tried to give the backside a little more color. But still keeping the card simple and modern. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • About #52 I tried to make the card more vibrant by using colors obtained solely from the logo. I think some of the text in the back page might be a little big though... but that can be changed. Thanks!
  • Modified version of #48, cheers
  • A more clean and refreshing look
  • Here is the review of my first submission (#5). I changed the background colour to a darkened version of the one in the logo, and I added a shadow to the logo to give it more strenght.
  • We prefer the person name on black here..
  • Lets try to have the persons name in dark yellow from the logo sun
  • A bit too dark ..
  • Please disregard this submission. Instead, look to #33. Thank you!
  • A unique look, hope you like it. cheers
  • About #25 Here is a simple but strong card. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • If we have a front on the card then lets try to have only the logo with no text. Lets keep the text to the back.
  • The logo should def be in the original colours
  • Good approach but on the front the two logos are shocking a bit..
  • Not sure about the text in green..
  • No black please
  • Full Bleed Size (starting document size) 90mm x 52mm 1062 x 615 pixels Document Trim Size (final size after being cut) 87mm x 49mm 1028 x 579 pixels Resolution 300 DPI