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Winning design #61 by flinkas, Business Card Design for APB Reloaded Contest
Gold Medal

designed by flinkas

Project description

Most important aspect is that it has to mirror my current website. www.APBentertainment.com
Want the card to be fun, eye catching but not over the top. Beyond that, fairly straight forward.
Company Slogan is "Entertainment Focused on You!"
Don't know why it selected gray as the back ground color but it should be on a white card.
Would also like it to be a 2 sided card.

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  • Thanks for your feedback, here is a revision of #15 as requested. I wasn't too sure if you wanted musical notes on both side.I choose to make one side clean and the other fun and musical. I didn't want it to be too busy but if you want more music elements/notes, I can work on it. Thanks.
  • thanks for the feedback here is my revision on the color to match your website and added some fun stuff.. =) thanks!
  • Really like this one but curious to see what it would like with a couple of musical notes to emphasie dj/music
  • hello DJNaz, here's my concept. I tried to match the website colours and the size as requested.
  • would love to see a perfect blend entertainment a little larger. On a white card and have some of the colors match the website
  • I like this one also and I can't put my finger on what it needs but not too found of the backside of the card and still needs a little bit of flair/fun.
  • Like this version but just a tad to corporate. Can you add a small bit of flair. Also worried that the colors don't match the site but still tops out the bunch right now.
  • the design with the circles is nice but would like to see it on a white back ground and have the logo colors match the website
  • This is my Design (displaying the front and back of card) i put a lot of work into it, keeping a good color scheme and reflecting your website, i did my research hope you like it.
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  • No clip art and third party images allowed. http://www.designcontest.com/business-cards-design/apb-reloaded/entry/8/report
  • This is my Design (displaying the front and back of card) i put a lot of work into it, keeping a good color scheme and reflecting your website, i did my research hope you like it.
  • Greetings Contest Holder, I've tried a font almost similar to yours and added the light effect in the back (like mouse-over). Kept the green-ish button-like appearance. Gave it a musical influence. Please let me know if you want a back option aswell. Thanks, Hoffa.
  • something like that ? Hope i'm on the right track. I did a quick preview before the contest ends, to show that it's possible but it needs a bit of work. because i need to know if you want to provide the wedding group photo or if you want me to look for it, and then match with the right colors. anyway, once the contest end, it won't be possible to talk on this thread.
  • Put a wedding group photo "beneath" the Entertainment Focused on You! tagline - with the BRIDE's FACE replaced by the word "You" Is that possible?
  • same as #39 but without the mockup.To get a better view of the lettering without the perspective.
  • hello again. this is a revision with US standard size business card (3,5 x 2 inches). Also, I checked details informations size and you were right, it was a bit small. I followed the usual standard : name size 8, website size 7, position, phone, email size 6. It should be then fine for the lettering.
  • In the brief you said you wanted a 3 x 2.5 inches business card (usual is 3.5 X 2). So it's bit more square.My design #26 is based exactly on your brief size. Let me know if it's the right size you wanted. Anyway, it's not difficult to change just need to reajust and center the design. About the font, there are some common text size on business card, I will check my design and once you confirm your business card size , I will re upload a new version (without mockup) in which you can check by yourself if text size is all right.
  • Is this on a standard size business card or is this larger? Also, I want to be sure the lettering isn't too small especially for the website.
  • Is this on a standard size business card? I want to make sure the lettering isn't too small.