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Excellent experience from start to finish. Our designer, Betterwaydesigns was fantastic! Thank you for making this as simple and efficient as possible, even with multiple changes.

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Winning design #162 by betterwaydesigns, Business Card Design for Avant Partners Contest
Gold Medal

designed by betterwaydesigns

Project description

The business card is for Avant Partners, a crisis management consulting firm. Seeking a double-sided, design. On the front we would like a light, cream, off white center with a darker border. 

Logo MUST NOT look like the trademarked image below under "What I don't like." Please avoid this style!

The back of the card should be darker with either the name Avant Partners OR the letters AP or some stylized version thereof with

Crisis Management


Cash flow Optimization

written below.

Rear side of card can be vertical or horizontal. 

The card needs to include name (First M.  Last, Esq.), email address, and phone number. The company name should be positioned on the card in place of a logo.

Final product will be printed on cream/ivory/nude/off-white colored heavy stock paper with a matte finish. Prefer an elegant, minimalist design with clean lines and possibly rounded edges.

Please include the vector ai/eps files with jpg, and png files in all winning source files.

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  • Here is entry with changed info! #162
  • Updated the AP into golden color #154
  • Please also show this exact card in the dark forest green, and add a period after Esq.

    Roy P. Kim, Esq.

    Thank you! #146
    • @jwrightprevatte Dark forest back, as requested #152 & #153

  • Oh, and also please put a period after Esq.

    Roy P. Kim, Esq.

    Thank you! #147
  • Can you also show this design in a dark green? Like this one:


    Sorry for the crazy link! #147
  • Can you also do the AP on the front in gold please?
  • Hello CH @jwrightprevatte. Portrait design of the back portion. Ty #149
  • Here is design with requested changes. #148
  • This is very close! Thank you for your patience with finalizing changes. Please:

    -Flip-flop ap/Avant Partners to the top on the left, exactly how you have it positioned only at the top of card

    -Put name in center-center of card

    -Make email and phone on the same line across the bottom of the card

    Thank you! #137
    • @jwrightprevatte Sure thing. Two variations were uploaded #147 & #146

  • This is very close! Thank you for your patience with finalizing these changes. Please:

    Change all coloring to the same colors as entry #137 (very dark green, gold, off-white)

    Thank you! #132
  • Could you please submit another entry like this but with:
    1) sharp corners
    2) Logo/Avant Partners in either the upper left or right corner
    3) Larger font for the name and possibly adjust the layout for name/phone number/email?

    I really like your color choice and border style.

    Please make these changes and I can present them to my boss! Thanks, Kristijp! #115
    • @jwrightprevatte Thanks for your feedback! Your updated entry is #143. Please let me know if you'd like to see any other changes made. —Kristi

  • On the stylized APs, could you please make the line in the letter A a bit thicker? Thank you! #86
  • And correct update for 61 #126
    • @HYPdesign Could you add a black border on the front please? Thank you!

    • @jwrightprevatte Black border added, as requested #137

    • @HYPdesign Thank you so much for making these changes quickly! I will show my boss as soon as he is available

    • @HYPdesign Thank you so much for making these changes quickly! I will show my boss as soon as he is available

  • Different burgundy shade #135
    • @betterwaydesigns Great, thank you! I will show him as soon as he is available and get back to you with comments!

  • Could you possibly lower the Avant Partners on the back of the card so it's a little more towards the center?

    Also please put AP and Avant Partners next to each other if it looks right, like you did for entry #97 and #98!

    Please make these changes and I can present them to my boss. Thank you so much! #114
    • @jwrightprevatte Sure thing. Please check designs #121 #122 & #123

    • @HYPdesign I'm so sorry, my original comment was unclear! I meant on the front of the card in the corner. Thanks!

    • @jwrightprevatte Ah, I see. Did you mean like this #125?

    • @HYPdesign Yes, please!

  • This i pick for burgundy color, i will upload one more where color is more on purple side. #134
  • Here are designs with requested changes, hope you like it. #127
  • Here is also update for #61, as requested. #124
  • I like the spacing and layout on the back of this card! When you make the changes to the front for the other entries, please use this back from #121. Thanks :) #121
  • I like the layout here. On this entry AND #87, Could you please make the font sizes larger on the front, so Roy P. Kim, Esq. is a bit bigger?

    Also increase font size for the phone and email?

    Can you also submit another entry with these same changes but in 1-2 shades of dark blue or with cream/Burgundy?

    I can present these to my boss as soon as you can make the changes. Thank you so much! #90
    • No problem, i will make required changes and submit soon as possible