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Project description

Beauty Game is an Australian Based Business in the Make Up and Beauty industry. 

We would like our Business Card to be very modern, innovative and sleek.

Colours to be used: Black and White. 

Details to be included: 

Business Name: Beauty Game 

Name: Samantha Attard

M: 0439410283



Logo is attached 

Feel free to be creative. Please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to give detailed feedback. Please also view my general feedback in the comments section. 

Thank You 

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  • Update for entry 38, with font changes and slight layout readjustment - #57 and #58
  • Dear Mam
    plz check the business card and feedback
    Ketki #56
  • Dear Mam
    plz check the business card and feedback
    Ketki #55
  • Can we also remove the email and mobile symbols, on he front. and centre the name number and email. #35
    • @samantha2 Of course, here are the updates #37 & #38

  • This is great. Can we change the orientation of the back and make it landscape? #35
  • Hi Samantha,

    Here are a few examples similar to what you suggested #33, #34 & #35
    Please have a look and let me know what you think.

    Kind regards,
  • Hey Designers,

    Can we try making the front of the business card look like a Polaroid photo?

    On the front side, Image of employee (I have uploaded a photo) , name, phone number and email.

    Then the back of the card just black with the white logo and website. Similar to #4, #10 and #32.

    Thanks, Samantha.
  • @samantha2 . please check my entry . Just tell me any revisions . im at your service . #20