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Winning design #192 by TCMdesign, Business Card Design for Bluware Business Card Contest
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designed by TCMdesign

Project description

Pantone 647 
CMYK 91:59:40:20
RGB 29:86:110
HEX # 1D566E

Pantone 346 
CMYK 47:0:53:0
RGB 136:212:152 
HEX # 88D498  

Pantone 705 
CMYK 0:0:0:0
RGB 255:255:255

Pantone 631 
CMYK 68:12:16:0
RGB 64:175:203

Pantone 123
CMYK 0:21:100:0
RGB 255:200:0
HEX # FFC800

Pantone 1787 
CMYK 0:87:76:0
RGB 255:69:62
HEX # FF453E

Headlines/Titles: Open Sans Bold
Body Copy: Avenir Book

Oil and Gas Seismic Software Company. Learn more at

FORMAT: average size business card

AUDIENCE: Event will consist of oil and gas geoscientists (ages 45-65)

Name (ex. Alexandra Mouton)
Title (ex. Marketing Manager)
email address (ex.
office address: 16290 Katy Fwy Suite 400, Houston, TX 77094

Back Text:

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  • Please add map icon to the left of the address and correct the address with the one I provided. #59
    • @alexandra_mouton Hello ch, i have make the changes but contest time Expired, if you award contest i delivered exact design as you want thanks

  • I hope you Like My idea #207
  • Please tell me if you wish to see any changes
  • Bluware Business Card with the same specific font logo and logo #201
  • I Hope You Like My Design Please if you want any changes in design please select me Thanks #198
  • Bluware Business Card design, and Logo slight adjustment #196
  • Make logo bigger to take up left side and include 'bluware' underneath. #116
    • @alexandra_mouton Hi there! Please check the updates.. Thanks....

  • Hi, Please check my revisions. Thanks. #184
  • Please make the entire logo white. #59
  • Please make the entire logo white. #59
  • Make logo all white. Also make a version with this side all white with logo in blue and green and website in all green. #26
  • Add location icon in front of address. Make this whole section of text larger. #116
  • Move name and title left aligned with other text. #116
  • Make 'bluware' white. move web address down a little. #116
  • Make 'bluware' white. move web address down a little. #116
  • Make sure the green is the right color on all instances. #146
  • Make logo larger and waves smaller. Also make text at bottom bigger. #146
  • Make logo all white and larger. Make waves below smaller. #146
  • Make logo all white and larger. Make waves below smaller. #146
  • @alexandra_mouton Hello CH please see entries #171 & #172 thanks