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The overall number of submissions were great and the responsiveness to suggestions was very nice. We really like the product that we ended up with.

$211 paid

67 custom designs

17pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #64 by TCMdesign, Business Card Design for Business Cards Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TCMdesign

Project description

Business Cards w/ existing logo and QR code, front side should have all pertinent information, back side a possibility. Must have name, designations, company name and address, phone, email, website address, logo. Open to portrait or landsscape.

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  • Hello CH Please feedback on design #2 , #5, #6. Thanks
    • We don't want anything that changes the colors of the original logo. We prefer a mostly white background.

    • Thanks for feedback I wll submit more design soon Thanks

  • We like the QR code on the back, and it more attractive in color like this.
  • We like the curved lines and like that this has a bit more white space than some of your other designs.
  • Hello CH, could you give review designs #11,#12. Thanks
    • We like 11 a bit better than 12. but the QR code is so prominent, it is distracting.

    • Just a "heads-up" for the QR code. If you really want QR code, please bear in mind that for it to be successfully scanned by anyone, it should be at least 2,5 cm wide (no less then an inch).

    • Thank you, I didn't know that.

  • Dear Ch, As I'm working on this project. Please tell me where to get your QC code? because in your file there is no QC Code.
  • Please just show us front and back, not the grouping.
  • too much solid blue.
  • About #32 and #38 Update for #24 and one horizontal version #38. Suggestions, or feedback of any kind is welcome.
  • Dear CH, please check my entries i hope you like please feedback thankss
  • About #38 Can you please tell me more about possible changes you would like to see on my design? Thank you
  • We have decided against vertical.
  • We have decided against vertical.
  • Dear CH I cant submit more design If you rated me I can able to submit Thanks
  • Hi Apettersen, I have added a new design, #61. Please let me know if you would like to see any other versions of this design style. Thank you!
  • #64 we really like your design and we would like to request just a few minor changes. -Please get rid of the toll free # 888.718.3934 -Change the address to suite 300 -We would like the address and the email address to line up across the bottom -Our longest email address in our office is In order for this to not flow into the address, we may need to move the address to the left and the contact information to the right a little. We would like EPS, AI, and PDF files. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!!