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Winning design #404 by mahfujaakter, Business Card Design for CircDuSoiree Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mahfujaakter

Project description

We are an event company that caters to small business owners and busy professionals only. We like our approach to be both pleasant and professional. Please check out our website to get an idea of our corporate 'vibe'. We are in the process of re-branding, so I will attach images of our previous cards for an idea of what we have been doing thus far. We liked them, but not 100% loved them. Also, the cards need to include a picture of the area coordinator. I will include our new logo design as well. For what it's worth, our new tagline (which hasn't been 100% fine tuned) will be something along the lines of 'Investing in your clients keeps them investing in you'. Again, the exact wording is a bit flexible. This contest is for FRONT and BACK of card! We will need to be able to swap out (alter) information such as phone numbers and email addresses, in addition to names and pictures. I'm including one to work with. Name is Kate Lindsay, title is unnecessary, phone number is 469-803-6013. Email is, web address is

Update: We want the cards to ‘match’ the look of the website, and would prefer a horizontal design as opposed to vertical. Thank you! Something similar to the ones we’ve been using might be a good place to start.

Update: We like the smaller pic look, not full-size top to bottom on the card, and on the right side of the card so that it is 'facing' the data part of the card. Also, we are wanting 'interesting and engaging' more so than 'clean and contemporary'. We will try to add a few ideas of looks we like for inspiration. 

Note: please look at the back of the original card and base your designs similar to that. 

Update: We like the look of pictures along the same lines of the ones on our website, however, please refrain from using the exact same ones that are ON the website. It is too redundant to clients. Please use ones that are similar (and legal to use). I added the one from the original card that was used.
Thank you.

Update: no full size/top-to-bottom headshot pic placement, fun pic of some sort on back of card, no heavy gold/yellow, not headshot in a circle, and keep the headshot facing the wording/information of the card.

Update: Wow! Some of these are looking really good! Some tips, we like the ones that don't look too washed out, or with too much white space. In fact, we're liking the light gray background to the front of some of these. That doesn't mean that we won't end up with a white front, but that light gray looks nice! As for the back, thank you for using the pic we provided! It's really the look we are going for! Try to refrain from adding extra commentary such as 'marketing' or 'events', and try to ensure that the wording on the back is legible. We don't mind if you want to put our tagline on there somewhere. We've seen some of those wherein that works. Just be sure and keep the opacity to a readable degree, if used at all. (We like it, but like with the front, it isn't a requirement for the overall aesthetic that we are going for). Lastly, we are finding that we prefer the centered vertically wording for the back as opposed to the centered horizontally. Thank you so much for your amazing efforts! - K.

Update: We can not offer feedback on every single card. Please read brief to understand what we are looking for. If your design is in obvious contrast to what we have specified we will delete it automatically. Also, duplicates will be eliminated as well. Thanks. - K

Update: We mentioned it earlier in the brief, but for some reason, very few of you are doing it, but we really don't want the representative's pic on the front to be large. (We worded this earlier as 'no full size/top-to-bottom headshot pic placement) Some of these designs look really good, so we can't say that we won't make an exception to that preference if the larger option really looks that much better, but it IS a preference. We would request that some of you we've already rated highly submit a few version with a smaller headshot. .... Also, if it wasn't effectively conveyed earlier, we don't want rounded, or 'peaked' lines. We understand that you are emulating the lines in the logo, be we do not want that look repeated on the card. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and many amazing designs! - All the Best, K.

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  • Please check this Business card Design and let me know if you need anything changes. Thank you! #434
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  • About #394, @mahfujaakter Hi, can we see this with the words on the back more visible? Maybe a different color? Or a different size? Or a different font? ... we really like the look of the card, but are concerned that the words in the back might be too difficult to read. Thank you. :)
  • Dear Sir,
    Please Check The Submission. i Hope You Like This Design.
    Pd Work #405
  • please check #404
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    if you need any change please tell me. #393
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    Thank you so much #391
  • dear klind, please see my entry #389, #390. #390
  • Can we confirm that this is the same as 250, only that it is the front facing display? #248
    • dear klind yes #250 & #248 are same design. thanks

    • @Aslamprobal Thank you!

  • Hi there! Can we please see this version of the design with the correct wording? And also with the pic inside being a bit brighter? Thank you so much! :) #288
  • I made something deferent to other with my skill…

    On Front side - I have added the background as per your website like rich. So is it looking similar to website.

    On Back side - When we can flip the card of back side, first we can see the left side so I have add the quotes just there it will first attraction and second image of background. #378
  • Dear sir
    As per your request and feedback please find the revise artwork for #316 . Hope you like it.
    Thank you.
  • Dear sir
    As per your request and feedback please find the revise artwork for #316. Hope you like it.
    Thank you.
  • dear klind, thanks for comments. please see my revised entry #353 & #354. both are very clean looking & easy readable. if you have any comments please let me know. thanks #353
  • dear klind, thanks for comments. please see my revised entry #353 & #354. both are very clean looking & easy readable. if you have any comments please let me know. thanks #353
  • Can you make the front a little more interesting? #250
    • @klind06 thanks for your comments. I am working on it & back ASAP.

  • Can we see a version with the back like 287 and the front like 288? #288