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Winning design #40 by ezesol, Business Card Design for Contest
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designed by ezesol

Project description

I want a elegant business card that uses our logo and somewhat playful so it reflects "childcare" business.

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  • please put the "scratch" back as in #35 (on the front side). sorry about flip flopping . thanks. #39
  • we like #34 best with slight modifications.
    1. Please make the flower bit more scattered. it is currently in a row/ line uniformly.

    2. change the flower type mixed.. like in #35 #34
    • @senthil_ramanath thank for feedback, updated version uploaded please check

  • In addition to my comments for the backside, please remove the "scratch" lines below the logo.. above the logo is fine.. #34
  • Hi Sir, Your rating motivated by me. So I created another two #37 and #38. Drop your comments and rating.
  • this simplified version (on the back) is very good. please add some flowers or something in the grass..(very few). #26
    • @senthil_ramanath Thanks for rating & feedback, i am working on it & uploaded updated version very short time..

  • Please show this in simple view one below another (instead of showing it as stacked cards). It is better for me to visualize it that way. #26
  • About #17, @ezesol Please use the actual address and name so I can see how it looks from the spacing standpoint.

    Debby Romick, Managing Director
    Creative Minds
    5115 Warren Parkway
    Frisco, TX 75034
    • @senthil_ramanath Dear CH, thank you so much for feedback & rating, please check updated version i hope you like.

  • as per my earlier comment, this concept is good. but others have commented that it would be nice to simplify this drawing. reduce/remove the shading and add simpler colors (yellow?).. thanks #18
  • add a little bit of pink color in the front side paint splatter. #15
    • @senthil_ramanath Thanks for rating & feedback again, Please check new design included pink color.

  • can you increase the logo size and make the URL bit bigger and somewhat childish font. #3
    • i was talking about the back-side.

    • @senthil_ramanath Dear ch, please check my new design entries i hope you like my new variation thanks

  • I like this back side compared to the one you created with "school" direction board, but this is bit too "on the face" for some others. They said introducing some mild color combinations with Yellow might help. In addition, you might try to make this bit simple .. #6
    • About #6, try to remove the shading in the backside to make it bit simpler.

      In the front reduce the splash a bit and remove the guitar to see how it looks.

  • nice and simple in the back side. font, specifically in the front seems too playful. #11
  • front is somewhat formal. needs to be more playful #10
  • nice, but balloons seem to indicate Birthday to me.. #10
  • Front is simple and nice; but i like the one with more colors i think. #5
  • front is little too busy with too much paint, but looks great. Logo is not popping out because of too much paint in the same color, i think. #7
  • back is much cleaner and looks good #8
  • not a fan of multiple objects shown in the back side.. #9
  • very nice and simple love the look and feel. Just the font in the front can be made bit more serious, i think. (trying to get the perfect balance ;-) #11
  • sorry, as ezesol said it is too much like his design for the back side. #13