Dawson Real Estate Team Business Card

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Winning design #53 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for Dawson Real Estate Team Business Card Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HYPdesign

Project description

Create TWO matching business cards for a husband and wife real estate team. The Dawson Real Estate Team specializes in condos in Toronto and high end homes in South Mississauga. Utilize both front and back in colour, can use curved edges if you want. Looking for a clean, modern card with a high end feel to it. You can use portrait or landscape layout options. Lots of white background for clean look. Both of our photos on both cards but individual contact info. Photos can be black & white. More emphasis on the realtor's name than the brokerage logo. Please provide psd graphic template as the final file for editing purposes afterwards. Must have for 1st card: Elizabeth Machula Sales Representative Dawson Real Estate Team c 416-618-4424 o 416-391-3232 f 416-987-0576 e elizabethmachula@gmail.com Right at Home Realty Inc 895 Don Mills Rd, Suite 112 Toronto, ON M3C 1W3 www.BigGuideToCondos.com www.PortCreditLife.com Must have for 2nd card: Chris Dawson Sales Representative Dawson Real Estate Team c 416-602-4336 o 416-391-3232 f 416-987-0576 e chrisdawson100@gmail.com Right at Home Realty Inc 895 Don Mills Rd, Suite 112 Toronto, ON M3C 1W3 www.BigGuideToCondos.com www.PortCreditLife.com

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  • Thank you for your submission. I like the white space and the design is crisp. I like the emphasis on our names and the Dawson Real Estate Team. I like the symbols of the phone, cell, fax, etc. Could our pictures be bigger and the address and contact information be smaller?
    • Hello and thank you for the feedback. How about something like this - #6

  • Thank you for your submission. I don't like the green and that the card is portrait on one side and landscape on the other. I like the symbols of the telephone, fax, cell.
  • Thank you for your submission. I find the design too busy. The logo's are too big and I don't like the emphasis on Toronto. I'd like more emphasis on the name and the Dawson Real Estate Team. I don't like the waive.
  • Less emphasis on brokerage logo and more emphasis on the realtor's name.
    • Hello contest holder, does the card have to be 3 x 2.5 because the result looks like a square? Just wanted to make sure thats what you wanted before designing :D

    • That was a typo error. Should be 3.5 by 2, the standard business size. Thank you for pointing this out.

    • hi, any feedback on my design would be awesome! Sorry about the cards being kind of zoomed out but Im limited to only 2 more submits and so i can afford to resubmit it zoomed in unless you really like it :D Edit: never mind once you clikc on the design it will open it much larger in a new tab where you can zoom in, Cheers!

    • The textures are interesting but I find the two different textured backgrounds too busy. Also, I find it dark. As I mentioned it my brief, I prefer something more with a white background.

  • Look nice. We just uploaded another photo of Christ that we'd prefer to use.
    • Alright, new photo used and size of the photo adjusted for Elizabeth's card - #19 & #20

  • This one ticks more boxes. Nice improvement! I like the icons & the emphasis on the "Dawson Team". I'd like the logo a bit smaller to help it give a more modern look.
    • Thank you for the feedback! I have uploaded #17 for your review.

  • I really like this one. It appears clean and modern.
    • Thank you. Preview for Chris is uploaded as well - #16

  • Thank you for your submission. Not a fan of the gold and blue, the wave. I find it too busy.
  • Hi, I would appreciate if you could provide some feedback regarding my entries #13 , #14 & #15 . Suggestions, critics, anything is welcome. Thank you. GTools
  • I like the clean minimal look of this card. I don't like the faces in the circle and I'd like more emphasis on the websites.
  • I'd like the image of Elizabeth to be bigger. It was creative to do the logo white on purple, but I'm not on fan and it makes it less recognizable.
  • Thank you for the submission. I like the minimal look but don't the treatment of the names, box and shadow.
    • Hello, Elizabeth! Thank you for your feedback and rating! I have just submited entries #44, #45, #46 without box and shadow.

  • I really like this one! Clean and simple. This is a serious consideration.
  • Very, very nice! Clean, simple and tasteful.
  • This is nice! I like how Chris's body is facing into the type.
  • This is the best vertical layout I've seen. Very minimal but classy. I prefer this one over #25.
  • I like this! I like the back with the logo, especially the purple light shape. The front with the realtor's picture, I don't like the dark purple shape.
  • Hello, Elizabeth! I have just submited my entries #28, #29, #30. Some feedback from you would be great! Thank you for your attention Best regards, Anastasiia
  • Design #53 has slight update regarding text layout. It now have personal info (e-mail/cell number) and general info (phone/fax number) grouped in a more meaningful way.
    • Very nice! This is still one of my favourite submissions.

  • An improvement but I still find all the text too busy. Thank you for the resubmission.
    • Here are my new layouts #49 and #50 with another text placement. Please, take a look! Thank you for attention!