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Winning design #152 by ezesol, Business Card Design for Fayer Home Team of Fathom Realty Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ezesol

Project description

**Please make sure to add "of Fathom Realty MD" somewhere under the logo**
I am part of a Real Estate Team. I recently had our team logo redesigned and now looking to redesign my business card with the new logo (preferably one where logo is above the wording). I tend to like vertical business cards more than horizontal as I find them more unique. I don't mind something creative, but would like it to look professional. Open to unique ideas. Ideally I would be able to put my picture on it as well as the other necessary info. The team name is "Fayer Home Team "(Copy of logo provided) but we work for a company and so it must be added "of Fathom Realty MD" to show that Fathom is the brokerage company. So Could be the logo and underneath or on the side say "of Fathom Realty, MD"

Our company colors are red/black/white/silver.. Also attaching a copy of the logo of the company but not needed to use it or even use those colors. For reference only.

As for what information is needed on the business card :
Must Have : Name (Gennady Fayer), Cell #(443-324-3280), Office #(410-874-8111), Email (gennady@fayerhomes.com), website (www.fayerhomes.com), 

Would Like to Have: designations (somewhere near the name.. Realtor(with a symbol near it, GRI, CDPE, District Director), Facebook address (facebook.com/fayerhomes)

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  • About #64, @ezesol If I get the editable files, will I be able to switch out different photo's myself?
    • @firejr Yes after award me the contest i have make the editable source files for you . photos text & adjustment very easily thanks for rating & feedback sir

  • About #10, @mohaned Do you think you could find a place on the front or even back to add a picture of me? Thanks
    • About #10, @firejr yes , I will do it

    • About #126, @mohaned Sorry to bother you , but could you also add "of Fathom Realty" under the Fayer Home Team symbols.

    • About #126, @firejr I made it , waiting your feedback

  • din
    I preffered bus card in horizontal. This card design I make rounded corner to feel fancy, I make the color only red & black and shading or gradient gray on background. On the other side I make radial gray gradient on the background and logo in the centre. This feel simple and sharp. #113
  • About #64, @ezesol Could you please add "of Fathom Realty" under the logo on the front and possibly make the back like #36. Or if we give you different photos, would it be possible to use those for a similar back?
  • About #77, @azeem Do you think there is anywhere to add a picture on these kinds of designs of me?
  • Since part of this isn't going to be see through, would it be possible to add a picture of myself on the reverse side? #82
  • you said you would like to put your photo on it, can you please upload us one ?
    make sure it's clear and in a high resolution. Thanks
    • @anis_dh I am going to have to get a new photo before I print the final cards. Unfortunately the only picture I have is the one I uploaded. I have uploaded a picture I have been using before. You can put it in the place. As long as I get the editable files after, I should be able to insert a new picture once I have it before printing. Thanks!

  • Dear Sir
    Please check my Entry. If anything change please feel free inform me. #101
  • Dear Sir
    Please check my Entry. If anything change please feel free inform me. #99
  • Dear Sir
    Please check my Entry. If anything change please feel free inform me. #100
  • Dear @firejr You can see this three color variation creative design. You may like this.#95, #96, #97
  • Do you have an idea for the back of the card as well? Thanks ! #18
    • @firejr Dear CH, Thank you very much for high rated on my design. #30 is the design included the back as requested. Suggest to print the gray Roof top graphic background at front and background of the back design in silver color. Please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

    • @firejr

      Dear CH,

      #74 & #102 is another option for you, hope you like it. Thanks

  • Dear Sir
    visiting card attached
    plz feedback
    thanks #49
  • Dear Sir
    visiting card attached
    plz feedback
    thanks #48
  • If we get rid of the company and Inc 500 logo on the back, would it be possible to fit a picture of myself in there and make it look presentable? #45
  • Dear Sir
    visiting card attached 3D look design no. 32
    plz feedback
    thanks #33
  • Dear Sir
    visiting card attached
    plz feedback
    thanks #32
  • Pic used is from the scanned image which u have attached. So if any other specific pic you want to use than please uload that too.
    Hope you liked this one.
    We can mixmatch the front back combination as well. Front with white background n back with Black background and viceversa.
    Do give feed back.
    thanks #26
  • Die cut card front & back #24
  • Hello there.
    Can you please upload the logo into vector form for us to work on it. As JPG form of a logo keeps us restricted to use it limitless options..
    • @dbb201 I believe I uploaded the format you requested. For some reason I get error 100 when I try to upload the other version of the logo in the same format. I will try to work it out. Thank you!