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Winning design #113 by Posspoint, Business Card Design for IT Company needs a Professional Business Card Contest
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designed by Posspoint

Project description

We need to have an up-to-date business card that reflects our recently re-designed logo. We need this card to be very neat, modern and professional.Please note, A requirement for the winning designer, is that he/she agrees to provide a fully layered, unmerged and unflattened .PSD for future modifications to be done.

Guys, I have extended the contest as to a very busy weekend here. This will give us time to review all entries and allow for all to enter more designs and variations. Please make this extension worth it for the both of us and submit your designs!

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  • Is that size correct? That doesn't look like a business card size. Is this trying to be inovative?
  • Dear CH, just uploaded my design for the business card. I've tried to keep it clean and simple. Hope you like it. Regards
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded a new design concept #12! waiting for your remarks. Hope you like it! ~Regards: Haseeb
  • Dear CH, I have been uploaded another modification of #6 I hope , You enjoy it.
  • Not really liking the red box, need something more professional as #4 has demonstrated.
  • I like this alot, will have to review with owner.
  • Dear CH, Here is my neat, modern and professional business card entry. Any modifications are welcome. Thanks & Regards
  • Dear Contest Holder, I present to you my design(#3). I do not have specific details about the business card, therefore I used general wording. All Parts are Editable. Thank You.
  • Your entry is too much like entry 26
  • sir , i have recently joined and this is my first design "#26" submitted on this website , as ur an IT professional, i thought giving a sifi look will be great , yeat the hexagonal background gives it a professional yet sophisticated touch . design is balanced by abstracted design all over , any changes and modification are welcome . plz review the design . thank you.....
  • Dear CH, I appreciate your previous comment about Entry #3. Here is my updated version of the Business Card. Thank You
  • Hi CH, #22 Thanks for telling me my mistakes! I have corrected the things that you told me! Please review my design! Regards & Thanks! :)
  • Adjustments as requested. I've stayed away from introducing reds into the text and layout, as this detracts from the focus of your beautiful new logo. For the logo, I've opted to keep it horizontal on front and back for consistency of viewing. For main card-holder name, I've reflected the black/blue colors of the lettering from your logo with black for first/blue for last name. For address information, full information I believe is needed, With address.. I don't believe it's enough to just have contact info. I've opted to write out Tel/Fax as opposed to using symbols which makes the client have to work to interpret the symbols for a split second. The back bullet points can be customized to speak to the services for your new larger and enterprise target market. Please let me know other adjustments.
  • I like the overall design, however -- the text chosen is hard to read when a smaller point size is used. Can you try a different font and try to clean image up slightly?
  • I like the simplistic approach with a touch of creativity. However, i'm not feeling the 3D affect very much. Would like to see what else you can come up with.
  • Wrong dimesions, please review and submit proper design.
  • Wrong size format. Standard business cards, please review size.
  • Very simple, looks like it's from a templated site.
  • The logo doesn't look proper on a darker color background, but I kinda like where you're going with this. Any possibility to clean it up a bit?
  • I like where this card is heading, possibility to incorporate features from other top rated designs?