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Winning design #128 by skyford412, Business Card Design for Larkin Law, LLC Contest
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designed by skyford412

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  • About #128, @skyford412 Ok. I think I selected it correctly.
  • This one. #127
  • Please check my design, #126
  • About #124, @skyford412 yes. This is perfect. One last thing - I am looking at the business card again. I think on the white side the "A Marital and Family Law Firm" needs to be pushed down a little bit and made a little bigger. I also want the Larkin in the logo on the black side to stand out more - maybe lighten the blue? It is blending in from far away.
  • About #123, @skyford412 No I do not like it on the bottom. Can you split up the contact information at the top on the left and right of the logo and include my name: Lexie Larkin, Esq. and then underneath Attorney at Law and email address and website on the left and then put address phone fax on the right?
  • About #119, @skyford412 I do not like the information squished on the right. I do like the Ls at the top and the bottom. The logo looks good.
  • About #113, @skyford412 I think this is it with one minor change: can you make the "A Marital and Family Law Firm" on the white side in black? It is not very clear. Also, I would like you to make some simple letterhead and add this card with the one revision to your letter head entry number. I do not want anything on the bottom of the page. I only want something to copy and paste into a header on Microsoft word. I would need it in color and in black and white.
  • About #109, @skyford412 can you do this in a little darker gray? Something in between this and black
  • Any change sir. #98
    • @alex_etel You are start making identical copy of my design ideas... #101, #109... etc. please don't doing that.

  • About #101, @skyford412 I like this one. can you try this version with the light grey back? Also, can you add the blue Ls in the corners to the white side, too?
  • About #99, @skyford412 can you make the back side black? I like this, but the two sides are not really blending well. Can you work on some variations of this to make it cohesive?
  • About #68, @skyford412 is this grey or black? I can't tell
  • Please check this one. #96
  • If you need any more change or modify please please let me know. I am ready to do that.
    Thank you
  • About #68, @skyford412 I like this one the best. Can you make the side with my information white? Also, please make
    "A Marital And Family Law FIrm" in the logo a different color so it doesn't blend in - maybe white or blue
  • Hello Sir Please Check It My All Entry. It is fully Customizable. #85
  • Hello Sir Please Check It My All Entry. It is fully Customizable. #84
  • Hello Sir Please Check It My All Entry. It is fully Customizable. #81
  • light gray cut out business card. #77
  • Emboss Business Card. #76