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Winning design #57 by thefiish, Business Card Design for Management consultant business cards Contest
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designed by thefiish

Project description

We require a business card design that shows our logo ( , a psd file can be provided if required) and our contact information. The colors of the business card design should match the colors of our logo. We would like a design that is elegant and professional. The design should traspire our analytical and academic mindset, trustworthyness and seriousness towards our work. As we are closely related to computer science, a hint towards IT is also feasible.

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  • Hello CH, I've submitted another variaton. Your logo icon is connetced side by side. It's simple yet elegant. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • @skyford412: I sincerely like your designs, but somehow they seem to have a bit too much (flashy) that doesn't fit a consulting company. But please, post some revision that are a bit more sober but that try to keep the same ideas. Looking forward to it!
  • #19: I liked the design of the card though, could you revise it using our actual logo? Thanks!
  • I like this, but somehow I would like to see it more sober. Could you make the part with the names more structured and sober? Thank you.
  • Sorry, we like our logo as it is :)
  • Very nice. Could you make this one with an orange back such as #17? Thank you.
  • Dear Vonny, I like the style of your cards a lot: they're elegant and sober, yet creative (especially #9). If you have other ideas on designs, please do show these as well. regards, Michele Fumarola
  • Dear CH, I improve the details on #6. Please ignore the #5. Thanks.
  • Hello CH, #3 is the back of the card and #4 is the front Thanks!! =)
  • The logo in psd format can be downloaded from
  • Thank you for the cards so far. Please take into consideration that our business cards should have the space to add the following: Name of the person function address of the company (yet to be defined) email address of the person fixed line phonenumber cellphone thank you!
  • Hello Boss, do you have logo in vector format? like ai or eps format thanks
  • Dear CH, I submitted the square edges version. If you want some change on this design, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Sorry, nice idea, but I want to keep the traditional shape of a business card.
  • Dear designers, could you please use square edges? We are not planning on using round edges. Thanks! regards, Michele
  • Dear CH, #50 is my business card design. I made it corporate look and feel but not very simple design. I have used your logo elements to beautify the whole look of the business card design. It has your logo color, you original logo with its color, Card holder name, contacts in the front and on the back side I have placed the logo in big and your website below. Thanks,
  • Dear CH, sorry for missing to send you the used font. Unfortunately it´s not possible to embed a font in a PSD file so i uploaded everything and the used font(Helvetica Regular) again. The size of the Name "Martin Smith" is 10pt. (larger version: 10.5pt) The size of the whole rest including ulr is 6pt. (larger version: 6.5pt) Thank You!
  • Could you please upload the files with fonts embedded? Since I'm missing the fonts, the card is not shown correctly. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, thank you for choosing my design. I uploaded the source files of the original card and the file with larger fonts! Thanks!
  • Dear winner, could you please upload the source files of your original card and one with the text (url, addresses, etc) in slightly larger fonts? Thank you. bye