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Winning design #1 by HYPdesign, Business Card Design for Mars Hill Paint Co Contest
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designed by HYPdesign

Project description

Mars Hill Paint Co is a residential and commercial painting company. I would like to see a black, charcoal, or grey card that is two-sided and sharp. I am open to both vertical and horizontal versions as well as other colors.

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  • Hi, please check out my 1st entry in your contest #19, I hope u like it i am waiting for your feedback. Thanks Salman Khan
  • Hi CH I added a textured charcoal background. Waiting for feedback on #6. Regards Andrei
  • Dear CH I added the entry #34, waiting for feedback. thanks Salvador.
  • okay guys, we are down to the last day of the contest and we have seen some really great designs. A few things i have discovered is, I like an all black card on both sides. I also like "add color to your life" in cursive font. I really like some of the designs and there are a few that i like the back, but maybe not the front. So, if i commented on one of your designs with that feedback, I'd like to see what changes you could come up with. Thanks
  • I like the back of this card. Can you do some variations on the front of the card? I'd like the logo to be in color on the front
  • I really like the back of this card. Could you write in black in the color line "add color to your life"? Also, can you update the fornt of the card a bit and put the log in color on the front?
  • Copying is forbidden. Try to be more original.
  • Copying is forbidden. Try to be more original.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for rating my designs & feedback i also uploaded new versions i hope you like my new design thanks again
  • Thank you for the feedback. Here are a few updates: #40, #41, #42 & #43
  • I really love the subtle out line of the mars hill emblem on the back...that is really nice!
  • I like this design but it has too much color on the edges. Thanks for the design
  • I like the idea of a different color besides black, but not this blue. Thanks
  • Hey guys, I have seen lots of designs that I am really interested in. I will start grading the designs that I am interested in. Also, I would like to see what the cards would look like with our tag line added to a few. Our tag line is "add color to your life." Please add that tag line to a few of the designs and I will comment on it. Thanks
  • PKZ
    Hi there! I wanted to try something different with this business card. I have much more but only allowed to upload 3. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  • Hi I edited #6 so in #78 I changed texture to black and added the tag line. Best regards Andrei
  • Dear CH, please check my new design included "add color to your life" i hope you like it again appreciated feedback thanks
  • hi i.ll add the tag to my #6. what don.t you like in it. regards. andrei