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I am osteopath in France and i'm looking for a design for business card. 
I would like to find a symbol, an image, a design that would represent the osteopathy, the anatomy, the globally of health, the well being, the kindness. 
I'm into abstract design, nature, old anatomy illustration. 
I need on the front side : my name + Ostéopathe D.O
On the back side : the address of my two practices, my phone number and mail address. 

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  • Circle Lines used as for Symbols in other stationary. #25
  • Any corrections regarding colors and design, Feel free to contact me anytime #24
  • Hello Sir,

    If you have any suggestions, Please let me know further. #23
  • Hi @m_deleplancque

    Thanks for your feedback.

    This is a new proposal regarding your comments.

    I used a circle to surround the skeleton and this can be use like a symbol in the others pieces you mentioned. Let me know what do you think about it. #20
  • Hi KiraDSGN,
    Thank you for your design.
    I like the illustration, do you think you could have one "full" : the right and left part?
    I'm searching for a "symbol" that I could use every where (on my letters paper, on the bills,...), something quite peace : if you have any idea to add on it.
    Thank you! #2
  • @m_deleplancque Hi, dear Mathieu! Check please my entry #4. Fill free to let me know what do you think about it.

    I found one of your addresses and phone number in the internet. Could you please add here your email and the second address?

    Kind regards
  • Hello! This is my version for your visit card. If you would like to change or add something let me know. Will do it quickly!) Thank you!) #3
  • Hello @m_deleplancque

    Find this option for your business card design.

    Let me know your comments. Thanks. #1