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Project description

We want this card to be funky and cool. Feel free to use innovative shapes or cut out designs. Not saying it has to be that way, but we really want to be DIFFERENT.

Members Development Company is an interactive and future-focused network leading credit unions through collaborative innovation, development, thought leadership, and research. We create value by leveraging the combined strengths of our owners and dynamic partners to develop or identify innovative products and services that fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our credit unions and their members. MDC comprises almost 70 credit unions holding over $220 billion in assets, serving 15.6 million members, and employing over 40,000 professionals.

Our vision statement:

The collaborative force accelerating credit union success.

Our target audience will be credit-union industry contacts, thought leaders and subject matter experts with regards to technologies or innovations for the financial industry, and potential new (credit union) owners of our company.

See attached files for fonts, colors, and logo

Again, feel free to get a little experimental with this. Provided we can get it printed, we're OK with innovative designs and shapes. Gone are the days when business cards are kept in a booklet of industry contacts. People just keep put the info in their phones or tablets these days and store the info in the cloud. The goal for us is to create a novel and memorable card that will stick in peoples' minds while also conveying our identity.

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  • i want the design to be simple and creative i work with some elements from the logo for a good combination i hope that you like it sir
    have a good day #538
  • Sir you know every person has smart phone so i designed Business Card with QR code modern style. Client or members scan and will get all information that you want give them. Like Phone, email, address and website. Hope you like this idea. I chose colour in company logo. #533
  • Thank you sir please check this changed design as you want to me #527#528#529 I hope you will give final decision very soon.Thank you
  • More and more just find out. #482
  • printed double side , one side the logo of the brand and in the other sign info + name #481
  • About #162, @rabbi555

    I like the thinner border along the edges here more than the thicker boarder on 353. Can you please update this one with the tagline, and then remove both this one and 353? That way I only have one with the tagline and the thin border. Thanks!
  • About #415, @twinklle2

    Please remove social icons from the back, add the test you had on the back of 357 in their place, and remove both this one and 357. In short, I like this one's overall design, but I want the text from 357 put on a design like this one.
  • About #340, @moonart

    I'm somewhat concerned about having enough room in this design for our full website address, but I look the overall look for a more simple option. Can you show me an option similar to this with our full web address and emails? Ex:

    • @michael_elkoubi Hello ch, Thank you so much for again feedback, please check my updated design in different setting hopefully you will like if you need anything more let me know .

  • Sir, Please the check design hope you will like it thankyou #424
  • business card
  • business card #422
  • business card design #421
  • update entry #420
  • update entry #419
  • update entry #418
  • business card design #417
  • business card design , as your suggest #416
  • Hi, Please provide the information for the card. Some designs could not be used if the text is too long. Thanks. #391
  • Revised color design. Hope you like it. #390
  • Hello Sir,@michael_elkoubi
    Revised Design. Please let me know if there is any changes. Thanks! #389