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Dear Designer,

Montis Aurei is a fashion brand that is looking for a new business card design. The business card will be used to trigger potential customers to visit our webshop and therefore it is important that it correctly reflects the company's vision and values.

The brand offers high quality, well fitted and fashionably designed clothes to men around the world. In addition, it positions itself as an upscale brand, which is reasonably priced. 

The card should contain the following items: logo+company name, name (e.g. John Doe), email address and web address. Furthermore, it should be constructed in such way that it will be easy to maintain, meaning that no external help is required to design cards for new employees. 

The company logo has been attached in several formats. Please note that we would like to use the same font on the card and would like to use the following colors (but are also open to your creativity):

Light Blue logo and Text + White Background
Black Logo and Text + White Background
White logo and Text + Black Background
White logo and text + Light Blue Background

If there are any questions feel free to send me a message.

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  • Hi,

    we would like to pick you as our winning design.We have one more question, could you integrate social media into this (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc) #96
    • About #96, @martenstd

      Hi, it's not a problem. However, I'll need correct information to put on the card, so I can adjust everything properly.

      Also, I would recommend we use only icons for social media, not full link text.

    • @martenstd A note though - new examples can't be uploaded when the project is closed.

  • More simplified version of the previous upload #96
  • another variation #95
  • another variation #94
  • I have uploaded new variations with white and greyish types in combination. Let me know your thoughts. #92
  • With varnish... A business card doesn't have to be 2" x 3.5". #91
  • Minimalist and memorable. #90
  • Classic, stylish... dapper! #89
  • Could you provide version without the white bar? #88
  • another with anthracite grey background. #88
  • another anthracite grey background. #86
  • another anthracite grey background. #85
  • another anthracite grey background. #84
  • another anthracite grey background. #83
  • Hi, I have made different versions of the card with anthracite grey background. #82
  • Hi Like this a lot. Could you make it in anthracite grey as well? #72
  • Hi, thanks for the quick changes. Would love to see a version where instead of the logo text, the logo emblem is used above the personal information. #76
    • @martenstd Yes, of course. Here it as, as upload #81

  • Hi thanks for your design. Could you please take out the additional logo on the "info side" personally I think this is a bit too much. Furthermore I would like to advice you to make it in anthracite grey as well! #80
  • Please check it and comments Thank You #80
  • Please check it and comments Thank You #79