Motorglass Australia need a sleek and innovative business card

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Winning design #164 by danielvpx, Business Card Design for Motorglass Australia need a sleek and innovative business card Contest
Gold Medal

designed by danielvpx

Project description

We need a sleek and innovative business card designed for ‘Motorglass Australia’. We would like the card to be full colour, double sided and Landscape. Edges must be straight and corners must be square. We would like it to be the standard size (54x90mm). We would like our logo to be included; Please see uploaded file. Background to be predominantly white. Please feel free to be creative and use and array of colors, mainly red and blue as in the logo. Our slogan is ‘Experience is everything ‘,We are open to including this but it is not essential. On the front of the card we would like the logo and the following details (Personal and business)to be displayed: Motorglass Australia P (02) 90370891 F (02) 90370892 A PO Box 532 Rockdale NSW 2216 E W Adam Marmino Managing Director 0421 811 969 We would also like the following services to be listed on the back of the card in the order displayed below, please feel free to be very creative with this. Services: • All Vehicle makes and Models • Windscreens • Rear and Side Glass • Removals , Refits and Reseals • Trade work • Insurance work • Corporate and fleet services • Life time warranty • Same day service • Mobile on-site service These are all suggestions not limitations; please feel free to be creative and please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will do my best to give detailed feedback.

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  • hi CH, is it okay if we make your business card with die cut? (shapes)?
  • Details are not allowed to be added to submissions
  • Great CH...thanks for your logo vector uploaded nila
  • MGA
    Hi There, Vector file uploaded. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Thanks, MGA
  • is it possible to provide us with a vector version of you logo please?
  • MGA
    Hi There, Thanks for your submission. Can we please try putting the slogan on the back of the card and also try all of the services in the same font. Thanks, MGA.
  • Adam, if needed can the contact info be separated? By this i mean have parts on the front and parts on the back? Please let me/us know.
  • hello MGA i have posted a simple minimal design and depending on your feedback will modify it as required. happy to help thanks.
  • About#34. I have made some options. Hope you like them
  • Sorry about the misspelling, incurance should be Insurance! However, an easy fix!
  • About #32 I made the changes requested! Hope u like it :)
  • Adam, i have done a few variations. One of the images has the top and bottom made smaller. I have used the images in different ways. Let me know if you would like to see any changes or modifications. Thanks RJ
  • MGA
    Hi ImagedFX, We would like to keep the contest visible for the time being, but we would really love to see your designs. Thanks for your coments, MGA.
  • MGA
    Hi John, Great to see that you've entered this competition. looking good! Can we try Removing the word 'services' on the back, can we also include 'all vehicle makes and models' in the same format as the other services. Can we remove the slogan from the back/services side and can we include the 'MGA' logo on the back/services side. Thank you!! :-)
  • MGA
    Hi Tini, We really like your design! Can we please try removing the word 'services'. Can we also make the background behind the services slightly darker blue and can we make the slogan italic. Thank you!! :-)
  • MGA
    Hi Inorga, Looking really good! Can we try the big 'MGA' on the back in full color and so the whole 'MGA' is visible. Can we remove the word 'services' and possibly put the slogan in its place. and can we also please make the services blue instead of red (the same blue used to write the word 'services'. Thank you!! :-)
  • MGA
    Hi Nila, We really like this design. We just had a few changes in mind. Can we try the 'MGA' on the services side bigger. Can we also try removing the background image on the services side and just leaving the blue background with the gradient. Can we include Adam's personal mobile/cell number and email address under his name and position. Can we also change the symbols beside the details to the letters 'P, F, A, E, W' etc. Thanks! :-)
  • MGA
    Hi Designers, Looking really good!! Very impressed with your quick responses :-) Just some general feedback: - We really like the fonts used in #5, #7 & #15 - Not necessary to include the word 'Services' if you'd prefer not to. - Feel free to experiment with a colored background on the services side of the card. - If including the slogan please only include it on one side. Wherever it fits best with your design. Thank you!!
  • MGA
    Hi ImagedFX, Sorry for the delayed response, we accidentally responded to your comment in another response. We are more than happy to consider any ideas. MGA
  • MGA
    Hi Marlonaire, We are more than happy to consider any submissions, please feel free to be creative. But if possible we would like to keep printing cost low :-) Thanks, MGA.