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Winning design #80 by TCMdesign, Business Card Design for Nerd Realty Business Card Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TCMdesign

Project description

I would like a business card that is clean, simple, elegant, and modern. This business card will be printed on clear plastic. The business card can not contain any white ink as it will be printed as transparent. I also can not print a double sided card as the design is going to be printed on a transparent plastic. ****Please see attachment for specifications. Information that will appear on business card: Logo: The business card must prominently display our company logo ** See attached file for CYMK logo Name: Neal Chinai Title: Broker/ Chief Executive Nerd Cell Phone: 305-648-NEAL (6325) – I would like the apple telephone and sms icon to appear next to the cell phone number Fax: We do not want to display our fax number as we feel this is an outdated form of communication and would prefer people not fax us. Email Address/ Facetime: – I would like the Apple mail and facetime icons to appear next to my email address. For the apple mail icon you will need to outline the envelope in black or it will print as a transparent box Website: this must be prominently display Address: Our business card will not have an address as we are a virtual office. Our location is in the “cloud”. **** Please view the attached documents to view a sample of the icons. Please use higher quality icons as I have copied and pasted these icons from google. I am also open to custom icons. RSS/blog: I would like the RSS feed icon with written next to it Facebook: I would like to use the facebook icon with a /nerdrealty next to it Twitter: I would like the twitter bird with @nerdrealty next to it Linked in: I would like to use the linked in icon with /in/nealchinai next to the icon Youtube: I would like to use the youtube icon with a /nerdrealty next to it

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  • About #29 Fixed icon grouping and icon coloration. About #30 Mostly cosmetic changes on the email/facetime icon - in case facetime icon is a must (I would suggest icon from #29 though).
  • Designers thank you for your submissions! Below is my feedback: - Please use 1 type of font for all of the information. Please make it different than my logo font. - Do not put images in the lens. Leave the logo untouched and let it stand alone. - Do not change the shade of green (This may be my fault for not uploading the vector format sooner) - I like the original color of the all of the icons. Do not make them green. - The sms logo must be next to the cell phone logo and the facetime logo must be next to the email logo - Facebook, twitter, linked in, youtube should all be grouped together - Website and blog can be grouped together *OR* blog can be grouped with my email and cell phone number
  • Thank you for the vector file. Here are the updates with correct colors and one additional concept (#24, #25 & #26). #27 & #28 with added colored icons - in case you prefer them like this. Kind regards
  • CH, Thanks for adding the vector logo! Please see my uploaded design #23. Modern, clean, and easily recognizable. Will await any feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! Dina
  • Hey does anyone have the vector file for logo yet?? Got my layout down but need that to include on card. Thanks! Dina
  • Dear CH, please have a look at #18 and #20 (also, less colorful versions: #21 & #22) and let me know if these are close to what you are looking for. Kind regards, Irina
  • Dear Ch, please check my designs & appreciated feedback thanx
  • CH, about #8. I know my design doesn't meet the criteria you asked for, but I really don't feel you need all of the information you requested like, twitter and facebook addresses. Let your clients get that info from your website if they want it, not your business card, it's just too much. Thanks!
  • I have submitted design #7. Please provide me any feedback possible. Thank you.
  • Hi, I made a few designs. #1, #2 and #3. Since the icons for email, phone etc. will be really small and there's so many of them, I'm suggesting very simple styles for them. In #3 I tried something a bit different since you liked my idea about the drawn city silhouette in the logo contest. :) Best regards,
  • Could you attach the original logo in vector format? Thank you.
  • I noticed that everyone is using green boxes/backgrounds in their design. While I am not opposed to it, I would like to experiment with different neutral colors. Try different shades of grey (try light grey) or black with green letters or maybe change it all to neutral colors so the only green that shows is words nerd realty in the logo. Just a suggestion to make it look cleaner even though I am not sure how this is going to look. I am really open to suggestions with this business card. I really looking for a unique card that will make people say wow. I would like some creative maybe even abstract design even though there were some really nice cards already submitted! Once again thank you designers for all of your wonderful submissions!
  • Hi CH, When you get some free time, please have a look at updates #44 & #45. Kind regards
  • Hello CH! I've uploaded entry #36 & #38 (where we fixed the logo issue). If any modifications are required, just say so. Cheers!!
  • Hi, Thank you for the feedback. Updates #75, #76, #77, #78 & #79 are uploaded.
  • Please put the phone number, email address, and blog on the left side of the card and add the sms icon next to the telephone icon and facetime icon next to the email icon. Then move the facebook, twitter, linkedin, and youtube icons to the right side of the middle line. Please make sure you put the icon before the text on both sides. Change the color of "Neal Chinai", "Broker/ Chief Executive Nerd", and "" to the same shade of green as in the logo. Change all of the text on the lower half including the separating line to the same shade of grey as in the tape between the glasses.
  • Please do not use any white font. Change the phone and sms icon color to their original shades of green. Please also change the “Neal” and the underline to a green that resembles the logo. Do not cap lock the www. (Use #35 as an example). Move the twitter, facebook, linkedin icons to the black side and make all social media icons and names bigger.
  • Put a grey box around the phone number, email, and blog. Also please do not use clear font.
  • Please no white font. Change the green background to a light gray. Use the icons in #50 as an example of what we would like to have in regards to the phone number and email address icons.
  • Please no white font. Change the green borders and change it to a shade of grey (the same color as the tape on the glasses of the logo). Then change the sms and cellular icon back to their original color of green. Please use the blue twitter bird icon instead of the one you used. Please enlarge the fonts of the telephone number, email, and website.