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Winning design #36 by Dabbey54, Business Card Design for Network Engineering Consultants Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dabbey54

Project description

Looking for a modern and professional design that is printed on both sides utilizing our current logo and color scheme. Would like a darker design over white or light backgrounds, but we are open to design variations. We have a website in progress, but is not completed at this point: We may end up running another contest to incorporate the "feel" of the business card in our website. A requirement for the winning designer, is that he/she agrees to provide a fully layered, unmerged and unflattened .PSD and .AI for future modifications to be done.

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  • Thank you CH for the feedback and the guidelines. we have uploaded the design accordingly to the requests.#10 this is the black version from #2 Best regards
  • In the subtle patterns (circular lines at this point), could you incorporate the logo? Maybe something that is not easy to detect, but a keen observer would notice.
  • I like the dimensional depth in this design. Looks too "busy" on the back. I like the subtle depth provided on #21 in your 720 design, as it much more relaxed. I'm not sure that the QR code will read well if it is on a gradient.
  • About #5 Sorry about that. Here's a better view on both sides #7.
  • Please place front and back in same image. This will allow me to see the connection without rating and tying two together. I can always pick a different front or back from one of your other designs if necessary.
  • I like the QR code idea. Not necessary, but having space allocated is a great thought.
  • I like the use of faint lines inn one portion of the design. Good use of alternating colors on both sides.
  • I like the idea of a portion of the logo being visable on one side. Don't really get the "random squiggles"
  • I like the idea of the "outline" that is faint. However, I had to look at it for some time to determine what the linse actually were. It is more obvious on the black. Maybe accentuate that is some manner. Please try not to modify the orgional logo too much (ring around the circular F).
  • This entry is too bright and a bit bland. Although you can't understand the "outline" in this version as well as the black version, that is very clever.
  • This one is much better, but I'm not sure how to guide this design any further. What other ideas do you have?
  • On the white side, remove the circle portion of the logo. You are right, the one with small circles does not as good as I had imagined. Do you have any other ideas that are different from this?
  • About #12 I can do that, but I'm afraid that won't look right #13 :\
  • I was not clear enough... can you utilize the logo in a subtle way where you replace the lines with small "excerpts" of the logo to create a pattern like you have with the circle lines?
  • Like the this concept, but the contrast is too extreme between from and back. On the white portion, drop the small "circle f" as the double looks odd. I don't like how the website and other text looks like it is in a box. This is a great start.
  • I could see these being backs of a completed card. The contact details need to be defined better so that you don't need to go looking for all the information. I like the look of the shadow logo, but it may need to be completed so that the missing parts are filled in completely. I understand that you pulled this from the original, but without the rest of the logo it is difficult to discern.
  • I now see that your submissions are all too bright. This detracts from the design and makes it appear too busy. I don't like the box around the details. Try to make the overall design more subtle, but continue to use the dimensioning as you have in your other submissions.
  • About #7 Here's an updated version, if I understood right #12
  • Are you saying that there is a "limit" on how many entries you can upload... and that number is 3!
  • damn.. i'm can't have uploaded the design to continue, because we have reached upload limit