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Project description

Looking to get a card designed for our company. We are a special internet service provider we pride our self for being the best local high performance  reliable provider in the area. We want to include our names, title, phone numbers, email, facebook, and web url. our slogan so far is The Crescent citys connection ( feel free to come up with something better ) we also want to list our services somehow, which are Internet Services via: fiber/ wireless/microwave. As well as phone services, and transport services our logo is attached but feel free to replace or change it up.

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  • Not a fan of the colors can we try a different color set same style? #20
  • About #31, @SeertRazzaki can we try the same design but with different colors?
  • Not a fan of the double antenna, front looks good but back needs more attention #32
  • About #36, @Foyez_Uddin sorry but this is not what we are looking for at all... please try again.
  • Hi. I changed the logo. Contact for modifications. #36
  • Hello ch, please check my design in your contest hopefully you will like appreciated feedback thanks #35
  • notify me If any color changes needed. #22
  • This one also #15
  • This one also #14
  • Dear aaron8

    This is my revision #3.
    What do you think about this one?

    Thanks. #13
  • With the image gone, this is to much free white space.. #10
  • do not like this image separated like this #1
  • I feel the back could use a little more pow almost seems like to much black #3
  • Can you tell me your exp. card size?
    • @hasithm2013 standard card stock we plan to use a glossy finish