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Winning design #56 by rajagee, Business Card Design for Paul Balzotti Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

I am a Realtor. I want a 2 sided business card that is double sided. On the front, my picture on the side, then my logo (see attached) (which is my name) with my number (000-000-0000). Then my website also big at Then on bottom or corner, my President's club award logo and company logo (company logo is the John L Scott one). Then on back my business address (business address in smaller font) 2930 NewMarket st suite 111 Bellingham, WA 98226, and email address, along with a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin logos, with my addresses for each of those sites next to the logos. I'm also open to having the social network logos and address on front. Then along the bottom, the logos for my designations attached (CRS, ASP, Green and E-Pro). Background color I'm open to, even white could be okay on one or both sides, but I'm open. If I choose your design, I will provide phone number and social networking website addresses. With all of the logos and information, I don't expect or want a ton of additional graphics, since the logos and information, and pictures takes up a bit of space and I don't want it TOO busy (which is why I am going double sided). So I just want it to look sleek and eye catching and cover all attachments and info. I am going to use Vista Print to print as well.

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  • Dear CH please check my new entry & appreciated feedback thanx
  • About #7 Sorry about #7, wrong logo positioning. It's fixed in #8.
  • Hi Ch, you have all logos in png format without background?
  • @paulbalzotti I uploaded 2 versions of business cards for you. I hope you like them. If you have any requests please leave a comment. Thank you!
  • The layout of this is perfect. The graphic on the I'm not a fan of though. Would prefer more of a swirl or some other graphic but not the blurred line look. Otherwise, its exactly what I had in my head
  • Ok Paul. I have uploaded my first design. Hope you like it!
  • I am open to all shapes and sizes. Thanks
  • Are you sure that the size is 3x2,5?. I think the best size is 3,5 x 2 inches...
  • Dear CH, i have upload the three more options, card design are same but i have change the color of your pic, thanks for feedback
  • Thanks Paul for the feedback and rating. Good luck
  • Like it but not going to work, thanks
  • I like it but it's not going to work, thank you!
  • Final corrections, phone number should have no parenthesis and should be like this, 360.920.5901. On back, social networks needs fixing to Then my email should be fixed on back to My face looks slighly red for some reason, not sure if you can fix that. But otherwise good to go and picking this card. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, please check my new entry after changes thanks for feedback ............
  • About #11 Please check out #11 and let me know if it's more appropriate. Thank you.
  • This is it. Just please make my phone number and website address 1 font bigger, then my john lnscott logo and president club logo a smidgen bigger. Phone is 3609205801, website capitalized Social websites (capilalize first letters of each word. and same with LinkedIn" youtubeis YouTube/paulbalzotti1
  • Hi CH, please check out my entry #21 and let me know about your thoughts. Thanks
  • Hello Paul, I have just uploaded my first design #19 Please could you give me some feedback, so I can improve the design. Hope you like it, Thank you.
  • I like this one, but I like how my first choice the picture is a little bit more closer up and cropped up. If maybe the swoosh was a little (smidgen) bigger on bottom. Then presidents aware and john l scott logo a little bigger, and my picture a little more zoomed in and cropped up, then it might jump to #1.
  • About #10 Maybe a better look on the existing design: #10